Queen Elizabeth II’s Final Hearse Is a Jaguar She Designed

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Article Title: Queen Elizabeth II’s Final Hearse Is a Jaguar She Designed


Queen Elizabeth II’s recent passing at the age of 96 led to a ceremonial funeral procession back to London, as she died at her estate in Balmoral, Scotland. While the initial hearse used was a Mercedes-Benz provided by a funeral home, the final leg of her journey is being undertaken in a custom-designed Jaguar, predominantly created for the royal family, and notably approved by the Queen herself.

The Unique Design of the Hearse:

The custom Jaguar hearse, crafted in Royal Claret, a distinctive color associated with the royal family, reflects Her Majesty’s personal touch. The design features a strikingly elongated sedan with a spacious glass rear and a prominent hood ornament – a silver-plated bronze figure of St. George slaying a dragon, a symbol close to the Queen’s identity and previously found on her Bentley limousine. Equipped with monoblock-style wheels and large tires to support the weight of the extensive glass elements, this bespoke Jaguar marks the first time it’s been used, with a similar model previously utilized during the Queen’s Mother’s funeral.

The Funeral Procession:

Accompanying the Jaguar in the somber procession are two new Range Rovers, painted in the matching Royal Claret color. Additionally, classic British royal vehicles, such as Rolls-Royces and Bentleys, transport other members of the Royal Family. Notably, Queen Elizabeth II isn’t the only royal to have a say in their final journey; Prince Philip, before his passing, expressed his wish to be carried to Windsor in the back of a Land Rover Defender 130, a stark contrast to the elegant Jaguar choice. This customization of the final ride showcases a personal touch even in the most ceremonial of occasions.


Queen Elizabeth II’s final journey in a Jaguar hearse she designed herself highlights the royal tradition of personalizing one’s farewell. Her attention to detail and preference for unique symbolism have shaped not just her reign but also the ceremonial moments that follow. The bespoke Jaguar, alongside the Range Rovers and classic British royal vehicles, stands as a testament to her taste and legacy.

FAQ Section

1. Who Designed Queen Elizabeth II’s Jaguar Hearse?

Queen Elizabeth II herself played a significant role in designing the custom Jaguar hearse, approving its final look before it was used for her procession.

2. What Symbolism Does the Jaguar Hearse Feature?

The Jaguar hearse showcases a hood ornament of St. George slaying a dragon, a symbolic representation closely associated with the Queen and previously seen on her Bentley limousine.

3. Are Other Royal Family Members Involved in the Procession?

Yes, the funeral procession includes other members of the Royal Family traveling in classic Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, and two new Range Rovers painted in the distinctive Royal Claret color.

4. Did Prince Philip Have a Say in His Funeral Arrangements?

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, expressed his desire for a more utilitarian farewell, opting to be transported in the back of a Land Rover Defender 130, highlighting his unique touch in his final journey.

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