McLaren Doubles Down on V8s With Renewed Engine Supplier Agreement

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McLaren Strengthens Commitment to V8 Engines with Renewed Supplier Agreement

McLaren’s Stance on Internal Combustion Engines

McLaren, known for its high-performance vehicles, reaffirms its dedication to the classic V8 engine amidst the industry shift towards alternative powertrains. The company has extended its partnership with Ricardo, its engine supplier, to develop the next generation of V8 power units. These engines will drive McLaren’s upcoming hybrid supercars, aligning with its “Future of Performance” agenda.

The Reliability of the Ricardo-McLaren Collaboration

The agreement solidifies a longstanding collaboration between McLaren and Ricardo. Ricardo has been pivotal in manufacturing McLaren’s existing V6 and V8 engines, with a track record of producing around 34,000 powertrains for the automaker dating back to McLaren’s road car debut with the MP4-12C in 2011. The proximity of Ricardo’s facility in Shoreham-by-Sea to McLaren’s Production Center in Woking has facilitated seamless cooperation between the two UK-based companies.

A Testament to Enduring Partnership

Graham Ritchie, CEO of Ricardo, expressed satisfaction with the new engine supply deal, highlighting the extension of the partnership into the next decade. The agreement encompasses the production of both hybrid and traditional variants of McLaren’s upcoming V8 engines. Ricardo’s commitment is evident in its investment in enhancing its facilities, with a workforce of over 100 engineers and technicians dedicated to building engines for McLaren.

Fostering Innovation Through Collaboration

The synergy between McLaren and Ricardo, rooted in a heritage linked to an aged Nissan Le Mans engine design, has borne remarkable fruit over the past ten years. This successful cooperation signifies a promising future, despite the industry-wide shift towards electrification.

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McLaren’s decision to continue producing V8 engines in collaboration with Ricardo underscores its commitment to heritage and innovation in the face of evolving automotive trends. The extended partnership ensures a steady supply of high-performance powertrains for McLaren’s upcoming hybrid supercars, solidifying the brand’s position in the realm of performance engineering.


1. Why is McLaren focusing on V8 engines when the industry is moving towards electric powertrains?

McLaren’s choice to stick with V8 engines aligns with its brand identity and history. The partnership with Ricardo ensures the development of powerful and efficient V8 power units for McLaren’s future lineup.

2. How long has McLaren been working with Ricardo as its engine supplier?

The collaboration between McLaren and Ricardo dates back over a decade, starting with the production of V6 and V8 engines for McLaren’s road cars since 2011.

3. What is the significance of McLaren’s partnership with Ricardo?

The partnership with Ricardo highlights a successful history of engine manufacturing and innovation, showcasing the ability of both companies to work together seamlessly to deliver cutting-edge performance technologies.

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