Lamborghini Isn’t Making Its Own Electric Motors Because People Can’t Tell the Difference: CTO

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Lamborghini’s Strategic Choice: Control Strategies Over Electric Motor Production

Lamborghini’s Approach to Electric Motors

Lamborghini, the renowned Italian automaker, is not planning to manufacture its electric motors, according to the company’s CTO, Rouven Mohr. Mohr emphasized that the key to delivering an authentic Lamborghini driving experience lies not in the production of motors but in the control methods governing various systems, such as the drivetrain.

Importance of Control Methods

Mohr highlighted that in the realm of electric motors, regardless of their power output, the perceptible differences to customers are minimal compared to the distinctiveness found in combustion engines. Therefore, rather than developing their own motors, Lamborghini will rely on sourcing motors and drive units from the extensive pool of brands within the Volkswagen (VW) Group, Lamborghini’s parent company. Mohr expressed confidence in utilizing VW Group’s resources to supply suitable hardware while emphasizing that the control strategy employed by Lamborghini will be the real game-changer in enhancing performance and driving dynamics.

Focus on Control Strategy

Mohr underscored that Lamborghini’s competitive edge will stem from its proprietary control strategies governing aspects like suspension, drivetrain, and aerodynamics, which the company will safeguard as its intellectual property. While sharing platforms with other cars within the VW Group is part of Lamborghini’s strategy, Mohr assured that there will be exclusive solutions tailored specifically for Lamborghini vehicles.

Challenges and Opportunities in Electric Vehicle Performance

As the automotive industry transitions towards electric propulsion, Mohr acknowledged the evolving landscape of performance enabled by different control strategies. The burgeoning era of electric vehicles presents opportunities for innovation, such as precise tuning of electric motors for enhanced features like torque vectoring. However, the overarching challenge for automakers, especially luxury brands like Lamborghini, lies in devising compelling control strategies amidst the standardized power delivery of electric drivetrains.


Lamborghini’s decision to prioritize control strategies over crafting its electric motors signifies a strategic approach to uphold its brand identity and deliver a distinctive driving experience in the electrified future of automotive technology. By leveraging the resources within the VW Group and focusing on proprietary control methods, Lamborghini aims to set new benchmarks in performance and innovation within the realm of electric vehicles.


Will Lamborghini manufacture its electric motors in the future?

No, Lamborghini does not intend to produce its electric motors. Instead, the company plans to source motors and drive units from the broader VW Group to ensure optimal performance and efficiency in its electric vehicles.

What sets Lamborghini apart in the electric vehicle market?

Lamborghini distinguishes itself through its proprietary control strategies regulating essential systems like suspension, drivetrain, and aerodynamics. These unique control methods are considered the key differentiators in delivering a true Lamborghini driving experience.

How will electric propulsion impact Lamborghini’s future lineup?

Electric propulsion opens up new possibilities for enhancing performance through advanced control strategies. While maintaining its distinct character, Lamborghini will continue to innovate in the electric vehicle segment by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and exclusive solutions tailored to its vehicles.

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