Nissan Might Throw Fisker $400M Lifeline to Get an Electric Truck

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Nissan’s Potential $400M Investment in Fisker for an Electric Truck Partnership

Nissan Considering a Lifeline for Fisker Amidst Struggles

Fisker, the electric vehicle company founded by Henrik Fisker, is encountering significant challenges, including poor stock performance and the need to reduce its workforce. In light of these difficulties, Fisker had to halt new projects until securing a manufacturing partner. However, a potential lifeline might be coming from Nissan.

The Potential Investment Deal

Reports suggest that Nissan is in talks to invest $400 million in Fisker, granting Nissan access to Fisker’s EV technologies. This partnership could involve Nissan producing the Fisker Alaska pickup truck in its U.S. assembly plants and developing its own electric pickup using Fisker’s platform.

A Strategic Partnership for Both Parties

Fisker has been actively seeking a manufacturing partner to enhance its production capacity. With advanced battery technology and innovative platforms, Fisker could benefit from Nissan’s manufacturing capabilities. In return, Nissan, a key player in affordable electric vehicles, could leverage Fisker’s technology to revitalize its electric vehicle lineup.


If the collaboration between Fisker and Nissan materializes, it could mark a significant turning point for both companies in the electric vehicle market. The partnership has the potential to combine Fisker’s innovation with Nissan’s manufacturing prowess, creating a win-win situation for the EV industry.


What are the main challenges Fisker is facing?

Fisker is grappling with issues such as declining stock prices, low sales of its Ocean SUV, and the need to downsize its workforce, prompting the pause in new projects until a manufacturing partnership is established.

How could the potential partnership with Nissan benefit both companies?

The investment from Nissan could provide Fisker with the much-needed funds and manufacturing capacity to scale its operations. On the other hand, Nissan could leverage Fisker’s EV technologies to enhance its electric vehicle lineup and overcome its manufacturing challenges.

What would the partnership entail?

Nissan is considering investing $400 million in Fisker, gaining access to Fisker’s EV platforms. Nissan could potentially manufacture the Fisker Alaska pickup truck in its U.S. plants and develop its own electric pickup using Fisker’s platform.

How could the partnership impact the electric vehicle market?

If the collaboration between Fisker and Nissan comes to fruition, it could lead to a significant boost in electric vehicle innovation and production capacity, potentially reshaping the competitive landscape of the EV market.

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