AI Drives Future of Transportation at Asia’s Largest Automotive Show

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AI Revolutionizes Automobile Industry at Asia’s Premier Motor Show

The Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, popularly known as Auto China, is witnessing a revolution in the automotive sector with AI technology taking center stage. An array of NVIDIA’s auto partners are at the forefront of embracing the theme for this year, “New Era, New Cars,” by unveiling cutting-edge vehicles and technologies powered by NVIDIA DRIVE, the AI-centric platform for vehicles.

Embracing AI: The Future of Mobility

NVIDIA Auto Partners Introduce Next-Gen Vehicles
Electric vehicle manufacturers Chery and JIYUE, along with smart, NIO, GWM, and XPENG, are showcasing their newest offerings integrated with NVIDIA DRIVE Thor and Orin systems, elevating the concept of AI-defined vehicles to a whole new level.

Smart’s Latest Innovation

  • smart #5: Revealed as the most spacious electric SUV in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, smart introduces Pilot Assist 3.0 powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, enabling seamless urban navigation capabilities.

NIO’s Technological Advancements

  • NIO’s ET7, ET5, and ES7: NIO has revamped its popular models while equipping them with four NVIDIA DRIVE Orin systems-on-a-chip, paving the way for advanced intelligent-driving features in urban landscapes.

Unveiling Innovation on Wheels

Amidst the exhibit, NVIDIA partners BYD, DENZA, YANGWANG,, and Hyper are displaying their cutting-edge vehicles empowered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, showcasing the potential of AI in shaping the future of transportation.


The integration of AI technology in the automotive industry marks a significant shift towards safer, smarter, and more efficient mobility solutions. As showcased at Auto China, the collaboration between automakers and NVIDIA is at the forefront of driving the evolution of automobiles into AI-driven vehicles, promising a future where innovation meets sustainability on the roads.



NVIDIA DRIVE is a leading platform that powers AI-defined vehicles by integrating advanced technologies like NVIDIA DRIVE Thor and Orin, enabling intelligent driving assistance and navigation capabilities.

Which automakers are leveraging NVIDIA’s AI technology at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition?

Chery, JIYUE, smart, NIO, GWM, XPENG, BYD, DENZA, YANGWANG,, and Hyper are among the prominent automakers showcasing their vehicles enhanced with NVIDIA’s AI technology at Auto China.

How does AI technology benefit the automotive industry?

AI technology in the automotive sector enhances safety features, enables intelligent driving assistance, optimizes navigation systems, and contributes to the development of smart, eco-friendly vehicles, revolutionizing the future of transportation.# Article Headline: Dive Into the Latest Innovations at Auto China 2024 Featuring NVIDIA DRIVE Orin-Powered Vehicles

Introducing NVIDIA DRIVE Orin at Auto China 2024

Auto China 2024 is abuzz with cutting-edge automotive technologies, with NVIDIA DRIVE Orin leading the charge in powering intelligent driving capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top highlights from the event:

Hyper and GT Models by NVIDIA

Hyper and GT models are stealing the spotlight with their advanced level 2+ driving capabilities in high-speed environments. Hyper announced its next-generation EVs featuring level 4 driving capabilities powered by DRIVE Thor, a step ahead in autonomous driving technology.

IM Motors’ Intelligent Driving Abilities

IM Motors showcases the L6 Super Intelligent Vehicle lineup, all equipped with NVIDIA DRIVE Orin ensuring intelligent driving features, including urban NOA capabilities.

Li Auto’s Advanced Functionality

Li Auto presents a range of models from L6 to MEGA, boasting Li Auto’s AD Max system powered by dual NVIDIA DRIVE Orin SoCs, enhancing intelligent functionalities like the NOA feature.

Lotus’s Electric Hyper-GT

Lotus wows the crowd with its Emeya electric hyper-GT powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, showcasing a blend of performance and smart driving technologies.

Mercedes-Benz’s Concept CLA Class

Mercedes-Benz unveils the Concept CLA Class, fully running on MB.OS to handle infotainment, automated driving, comfort, and charging, setting new standards in vehicle technology.

Momenta’s Urban NOA Solution

Momenta introduces a new NVIDIA DRIVE Orin solution to accelerate the urban NOA capabilities, promising significant advancements in autonomous driving technology.

Polestar’s Luxury Crossover SUV

Polestar showcases the Polestar 3, a luxury crossover SUV powered by DRIVE Orin, reflecting Swedish engineering excellence in the electric vehicle segment.

SAIC R Motors’ Innovation

SAIC R Motors brings forth the Rising Auto R7 and F7, powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, showcasing a fusion of performance and intelligent driving technologies.

WeRide’s Autonomous Driving Progress

WeRide exhibits Chery’s Exeed Sterra ET SUV and ES sedan, highlighting advancements from Bosch and WeRide in autonomous driving from levels 2 to 3.

Xiaomi’s Smart Ecosystem

Xiaomi flaunts its SU7 and “Human x Car x Home” smart ecosystem, powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, aiming to seamlessly connect people, cars, and homes for a futuristic driving experience.

ZEEKR’s Architectural Marvel

ZEEKR unveils its SEA-M architecture and features the ZEEKR 007 powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, showcasing innovation and performance at its peak.


Auto China 2024 serves as a stage for the convergence of state-of-the-art technologies and automotive brilliance, with NVIDIA DRIVE Orin playing a pivotal role in driving the future of intelligent and autonomous vehicles.


What is NVIDIA DRIVE Orin?

NVIDIA DRIVE Orin is a cutting-edge system-on-a-chip (SoC) designed to power intelligent driving capabilities in next-generation vehicles, offering advanced features for autonomous driving systems.

What are some notable highlights from Auto China 2024?

Some standout highlights include Hyper and GT models with level 2+ and 4 driving capabilities, the L6 Super Intelligent Vehicle lineup by IM Motors, and the Concept CLA Class by Mercedes-Benz, among others, all showcasing the latest in automotive technology.

How is NVIDIA DRIVE Orin revolutionizing the automotive industry?

NVIDIA DRIVE Orin is spearheading advancements in intelligent driving abilities, enabling vehicles to operate autonomously, enhancing safety, efficiency, and overall driving experience for consumers.

Where can I learn more about NVIDIA DRIVE Orin and its applications?

Visit NVIDIA’s official website to explore the industry-leading designs and technologies developed in collaboration with automotive partners, leveraging the power of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin for cutting-edge automotive solutions.

Auto China 2024 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing is undoubtedly abuzz with groundbreaking technologies and futuristic visions, setting the stage for a new era of intelligent and autonomous driving experiences.

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