JDM Honda Civic RS Looks Like a Better Version of Our Civic Si

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JDM Honda Civic RS: A Closer Look at the Prototype Version


The renowned Honda Civic Si has always been a favorite among enthusiasts for its practicality and performance. However, there has always been a longing for a hatchback version of the Civic Si alongside the sedan. It seems that someone at Honda in Japan has taken notice of this desire, introducing the Civic RS prototype—a six-speed Civic hatch that resembles the Type R but with a milder appearance.

The Tokyo Auto Salon Showcase

Honda has unveiled the Civic RS prototype as part of its showcase at the prestigious 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon. While Honda has been relatively tight-lipped about the specifics, the translated Japanese description suggests a focus on refining the driving experience for a release scheduled for Fall.

A Sneak Peek at the Civic RS

The Civic RS prototype showcases a sleek design with aerodynamic enhancements, wheels reminiscent of the Civic Si, and standard disc brakes. From its appearance, it’s clear that the Civic RS won’t rival the Type R in terms of performance, indicated by its modest brakes and absence of aggressive aerodynamic features typically found on high-performance models.

Powertrain Possibilities

Speculations hint that the Civic RS might house the same 1.5-liter turbocharged L15 engine seen in the Civic Si, potentially tuned for a bit more power. The L15 engine has proven its capability for enhanced performance, with tuners like Hondata offering upgrades for improved turbo spool, throttle response, and overall power delivery.

What to Expect

As the production version of the Civic RS nears completion, minor tweaks such as stiffer bushings for improved handling and alterations to the exhaust note are anticipated. While details about pricing and availability remain scarce, Honda Japan has teased a release later this year, leaving enthusiasts eager for further information.

Looking Ahead

Though specifics on market availability are unclear, the Tokyo Auto Salon debut suggests that the Civic RS may not initially target the American market. However, the possibility of sourcing parts for DIY enthusiasts or a potential stateside release remains open — only time will reveal the Civic RS’s ultimate destination.


The JDM Honda Civic RS prototype offers a glimpse into the future of the Civic lineup, catering to enthusiasts seeking a blend of practicality and performance. With promises of a refined driving experience and subtle yet sporty aesthetics, the Civic RS aims to carve its niche in the automotive market, drawing inspiration from the iconic Civic Si and Type R models.


1. What sets the Civic RS prototype apart from other Civic models?

The Civic RS prototype blends elements from the Civic Si and Type R, featuring a sleek design with aerodynamic enhancements, Civic Si-inspired wheels, and a modest yet sporty appearance.

2. Is the Civic RS expected to deliver high-performance capabilities like the Civic Type R?

While the Civic RS prototype hints at a sporty design, its standard disc brakes and lack of aggressive aerodynamic features suggest that it’s positioned below the high-performance Civic Type R in terms of power and performance.

3. When can we expect the Civic RS to hit the market?

Honda Japan has hinted at a Fall release for the Civic RS, with further details likely to emerge by the end of the year. Stay tuned for updates on pricing and availability as the launch date approaches.

4. Will the Civic RS be available in the American market?

While details on market availability are scarce, the absence of an English-language press release at the Tokyo Auto Salon raises speculation that the Civic RS may not initially target the American market. However, there’s a possibility of parts sourcing or a future stateside release for eager enthusiasts.

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