Ferrari’s New Bounty Program Rewards You for Ratting Out Fakes

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Ferrari’s New Initiative to Combat Counterfeiting

Ferrari, notorious for safeguarding its brand integrity, has launched a novel approach to tackle counterfeiting by incentivizing individuals to report potential trademark violations.

Rewards for Reporting Fakes

The initiative, dubbed the Ferrari Anti-Counterfeiting Reward Scheme, encourages the public to notify Ferrari when they spot products infringing on Ferrari trademarks at commercial establishments. This initiative primarily targets counterfeit Ferrari merchandise, commonly found online or in dubious tourist shops.

Program Scope

While the focus is on physical stores, reporting online sellers is possible but requires providing the seller’s address for investigation purposes. Participants essentially assist Ferrari’s legal team by identifying and reporting trademark infringements.

Incentives and Disclaimers

The specifics of the rewards remain cryptic, with Ferrari offering a vague “gift item while stocks last.” Participants risk non-fulfillment of rewards if insufficient information is provided, if a prior report exists for the same seller, or for any arbitrary reason deemed valid by Ferrari.


Participation in the program does not grant leeway for individuals to engage in deceptive practices for personal gain. Ferrari maintains the discretion to determine the reward, which could range from a lapel pin to an item valued at $549.99.

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Ferrari’s innovative bounty program introduces a proactive approach to combat trademark violations, reflecting the brand’s commitment to protecting its identity and products. By engaging the public in this initiative, Ferrari aims to maintain the authenticity and exclusivity of its brand.


What types of businesses/establishments are eligible for reporting under Ferrari’s Anti-Counterfeiting Reward Scheme?

The program targets commercial establishments that sell products infringing on Ferrari trademarks. This can include physical stores and potentially online sellers.

What are the rewards for reporting counterfeit products to Ferrari?

While the exact rewards are undisclosed, participants may receive a “gift item while stocks last.” The value and nature of the reward remain unspecified.

Can individuals report counterfeit Ferrari products they find online?

Reporting online sellers is feasible but requires providing the seller’s address for verification. The primary focus, however, is on identifying infringements through brick-and-mortar locations.

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