How This Sketchy 2009 Alfa Romeo Was Imported to the US Through a Weird Loophole

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Rare 2009 Alfa Romeo 159 Imported to the US Thanks to an Unexpected Twist

Introduction: The Uncommon Journey of a 2009 Alfa Romeo 159

In a tale that defies expectations, a rare 2009 Alfa Romeo 159 found its way into the US market through a surprising loophole, shedding light on the intricacies of vehicle importation regulations.

A Unique Discovery

The 2009 Alfa Romeo 159, a model that predates the brand’s official return to the US in 2008, emerged on the radar last year, sparking intrigue due to its unconventional entry into the American automotive landscape.

The Military Connection

The vehicle’s history unraveled a connection to the US military, with the car originally owned by an Italian individual engaged in diplomatic or military activities on US soil. This affiliation paved the way for the Alfa Romeo to navigate the importation process through an unusual channel.

Unraveling the Intriguing Importation Process

Despite the common protocol mandating imported vehicles to comply with the 25-year import rule, exceptions occasionally arise, as seen in the case of this Alfa Romeo 159′s circumvention of standard procedures through a specialized avenue reserved for military-affiliated imports.

Legal Ambiguities

The specifics of how the Alfa Romeo bypassed traditional registration procedures remain shrouded in mystery, with governmental facilitation enabling the vehicle to attain a legitimate US title without undergoing federalization—a privilege not accessible to the general public.

A Privileged Possession

While this unconventional path allowed the Alfa Romeo to secure its place on American roads, subsequent challenges related to the vehicle’s condition underscored the unique demands of owning such a distinctive automobile, exemplifying the unexpected turns in its journey from Italy to US shores.


The saga of the 2009 Alfa Romeo 159 stands as a testament to the complexities of vehicle importation regulations, showcasing how rare exceptions can pave the way for extraordinary automotive acquisitions that defy convention.


How did the 2009 Alfa Romeo 159 enter the US market?

The Alfa Romeo 159 entered the US through an obscure loophole facilitated by its previous ownership by an individual with military or diplomatic ties, allowing it to obtain a legal US title despite not undergoing federalization.

What challenges did the Alfa Romeo 159 face upon arriving in the US?

Upon its arrival, the Alfa Romeo 159 encountered maintenance issues due to neglect by its previous owner’s son, requiring substantial repairs to restore it to roadworthy condition.

Can the general public exploit similar loopholes for vehicle imports?

The loophole utilized for the Alfa Romeo’s entry into the US market is not accessible to the public, as it involves specific provisions catering to military-affiliated imports, making it an exceptional case rather than a standard practice.# Article: The Journey of an Alfa Romeo 159 Diesel Enthusiast in the USA


Alex Bodnarchuk’s experience with his 2009 Alfa Romeo 159 diesel in the USA has been nothing short of an adventure. From encountering mechanical issues to sourcing parts and tools, his journey sheds light on the dedication of car enthusiasts to keep unique models on the road.

Overcoming Challenges

Bodnarchuk spent almost a year diagnosing problems with the car, facing challenges due to the rarity of the model and the need to seek assistance from non-English-speaking online communities. Issues with intake and emissions controls causing leaks kept him on his toes. Locating vendors willing to ship parts to the States proved to be a task, even requiring special orders at times.

The Reward of Perseverance

Despite the hurdles, Bodnarchuk’s persistence paid off. His Alfa Romeo 159 now stands out as a rare gem on American roads. By upgrading to a newer intake manifold, the car not only runs better than before but also garners the attention it deserves as a piece of Italian automotive craftsmanship.

Embracing the Spotlight

Bodnarchuk’s Alfa Romeo 159 turns heads wherever it goes, sparking curiosity among onlookers. The uniqueness of owning such a vehicle in the USA adds to the allure, making it a conversation starter at every corner.


The tale of Alex Bodnarchuk and his Alfa Romeo 159 diesel exemplifies the passion and dedication of car enthusiasts in overcoming challenges to preserve and enhance unique automotive treasures. His story serves as inspiration for those who share a love for rare and distinctive vehicles.


1. Can I import an Alfa Romeo 159 to the USA?

While importing an Alfa Romeo 159 to the USA is possible, it comes with challenges, especially regarding sourcing parts and addressing mechanical issues due to the model’s rarity.

2. How can I find vendors for Alfa Romeo 159 parts in the USA?

Seeking online communities, specialized vendors, and international suppliers may be necessary to locate the parts required for maintaining an Alfa Romeo 159 in the USA.

3. What makes the Alfa Romeo 159 special?

The Alfa Romeo 159 stands out for its Italian design, performance, and rarity in the USA, making it a coveted choice for automotive enthusiasts seeking a unique driving experience.

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