Rimac Is Developing a ‘Bonkers’ New Engine for Bugatti That It’ll Reveal Next Year

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Rimac’s Exciting Plans for a New Engine for Bugatti Revealed

Rimac’s Push into Combustion Engines

Rimac, known for its groundbreaking electric hypercars, is diversifying its portfolio by venturing into the world of internal combustion engines. In a recent interview with Auto Express, Mate Rimac, the founder of Rimac, disclosed the development of a “bonkers” new combustion engine, initiated two years before Rimac took over Bugatti in July 2021.

The Unveiling of the Engine

The highly anticipated engine, described by Rimac as a game-changer, will be showcased next year. Rumors suggest that this powerhouse will be featured in a hybrid Bugatti hypercar, marking a shift from Bugatti’s traditional 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine.

Differentiating Rimac and Bugatti

Maintaining a clear distinction between Rimac and Bugatti is crucial for both brands’ identities. While Bugatti will focus on aristocratic luxury with a blend of performance and artistic precision, Rimac intends to defy norms and “bend physics” by pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation.

Future Plans and Innovations

Rimac hinted at future endeavors, contemplating the creation of a more affordable supercar and exploring the resurgence of interest in analog cars. Despite acknowledging the potential of electric vehicles, Rimac remains skeptical about hydrogen and solid-state batteries, emphasizing the untapped capabilities of current battery technologies.


Rimac’s foray into combustion engines signifies a significant leap in innovation for the automotive industry. With the impending reveal of the groundbreaking engine and their distinct visions for Rimac and Bugatti, the future looks promising for these pioneering brands.


1. What is the timeline for Rimac to unveil the new combustion engine?

Rimac is set to reveal the new “bonkers” combustion engine next year, showcasing its innovative capabilities.

2. How does Rimac plan to differentiate Bugatti and Rimac?

Bugatti will focus on luxury and artistic precision, while Rimac aims to challenge conventional automotive norms and push the boundaries of what is possible with cars.

3. What are Rimac’s views on future automotive technologies like hydrogen and solid-state batteries?

Rimac remains skeptical about hydrogen and solid-state batteries, highlighting the untapped potential of current battery technologies and the need for further innovation.

In summary, Rimac’s innovative strides in developing a new combustion engine for Bugatti exemplify their commitment to redefining the automotive landscape. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking venture.

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