Why Lexus Thinks 4x4s Will Be Better, Not Worse as EVs

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Lexus Believes Electric 4x4s Will Offer Improved Driving Experience

Lexus is challenging the notion that electrification might dampen the experience of off-roading, particularly for 4×4 enthusiasts. Takashi Watanabe, the president of Lexus, is optimistic that electric powertrain technology will pave the way for superior 4×4 vehicles. In a recent interview, he highlighted Lexus’s approach to creating electric vehicles (EVs) that prioritize intentional and responsive driving experiences over sheer acceleration.

Transforming Torque for a Refined Ride

Watanabe emphasized the instantaneous torque delivery of EVs, underscoring the unique driving dynamics they can offer. While many automakers focus on delivering intense acceleration, Lexus is more interested in crafting a seamless and intentional driving experience. The goal is to ensure that the vehicle responds promptly to the driver’s inputs without causing unnecessary stress or fatigue, fostering a secure and comfortable driving environment.

Catering to Discerning Drivers

Lexus sets itself apart by targeting a specific niche of drivers who seek a composed and premium off-roading experience. Unlike some competitors who prioritize maximum feedback from the vehicle, Lexus aims to provide a refined driving experience that caters to those looking for a sophisticated yet enjoyable ride. The recent introduction of the 2024 Lexus GX Overtrail exemplifies this commitment, showcasing Lexus’s ability to adapt traditional 4×4 models to accommodate electric powertrains effectively.

Drawing Inspiration from Heritage

Building on the success of the electric AE86 project, Toyota and Lexus draw valuable lessons from reviving classic models with modern technology. By replicating the sound and feel of internal combustion engines using innovative techniques like speaker calibration, they enhance the authenticity of EV driving experiences. This attention to detail exemplifies Lexus’s dedication to bridging the gap between tradition and innovation in the automotive industry.


Lexus’s forward-thinking approach to electric 4×4s demonstrates a commitment to redefining off-roading experiences. By prioritizing driver satisfaction, comfort, and innovation, Lexus aims to revolutionize the perception of electric vehicles in the realm of adventurous driving. As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, Lexus stands out as a pioneering force in creating harmonious synergy between cutting-edge technology and timeless driving pleasures.


Will electric 4x4s offer the same off-road capabilities as traditional models?

Lexus is confident that electric powertrain technology will enhance the off-road capabilities of 4×4 vehicles, offering a blend of performance, efficiency, and driving dynamics.

How does Lexus differentiate its electric 4×4 models from competitors?

Lexus focuses on providing a refined and intentional driving experience, catering to drivers seeking a premium off-roading experience with seamless responsiveness and comfort.

Can electric vehicles replicate the sound and feel of internal combustion engines?

Through innovative techniques like speaker calibration, automakers like Lexus can replicate the sensation of engine vibrations and sounds, enhancing the authenticity of the driving experience in electric vehicles.# Article Title: Lexus Embracing Electric Vehicles for Future Off-Road Stability


In a recent conversation at the Lexus off-road course, Chief Engineer Takayuki Watanabe hinted at Lexus’ future direction with electric vehicles (EVs). Drawing inspiration from iconic models like the Land Cruiser 70-Series, Lexus aims to maintain composed stability by focusing on controlling drive force.

Embracing BEVs for Composed Stability:

Watanabe highlighted electric vehicles as ideal for controlling vehicle movement, indicating that refining drive force control will shape the character of Lexus vehicles moving forward. Drawing a parallel with the old Land Cruiser’s feel, Lexus hopes to replicate that sensation precisely with EV technology.

Recreating Classic 4×4 Feel:

Expressing a personal desire, Watanabe hinted at the possibility of Lexus incorporating drive modes that simulate the nostalgia of classic 4×4 experiences. Imagining features like a simulated transfer case clunk or the sound of an old diesel engine signifies Lexus’s commitment to blending modern technology with traditional off-road charm.

Looking Beyond Gasoline Engines:

Acknowledging the impending shift away from traditional combustion engines, Watanabe emphasized the importance of adapting to stringent regulations while enhancing off-road performance. By marrying innovation with a tribute to the past, Lexus aims to offer an unparalleled off-road experience for enthusiasts.


Lexus’s exploration of electric vehicle technology signifies a progressive step towards a sustainable and performance-driven future in off-road driving. By leveraging the capabilities of EVs to recreate classic 4×4 sensations, Lexus is poised to redefine off-road experiences while upholding its legacy of stability and excellence.


Q: Will Lexus completely transition to electric vehicles?

A: While Lexus is embracing electric vehicle technology, the brand is likely to offer a diversified lineup that includes hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric models in the future.

Q: How will Lexus maintain off-road performance with electric vehicles?

A: By focusing on refining drive force control and incorporating innovative features to simulate classic 4×4 experiences, Lexus aims to preserve off-road performance while transitioning to electric powertrains.

Q: Can customers expect a similar off-road experience with electric Lexus vehicles?

A: Lexus is committed to replicating the nostalgia and charm of classic 4×4 sensations through advanced technology, ensuring that customers can enjoy a unique off-road experience with electric models.

By embracing the potential of electric vehicles and combining it with a deep-rooted appreciation for off-road heritage, Lexus is paving the way for a new era of adventure and sustainability in the automotive industry.

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