Why Genesis Is Still Going All-In on Sedans

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Why Genesis Is Embracing Sedans in an SUV Dominated Market

Genesis, the Underdog Defying Trends

In an automotive world ruled by SUVs and trucks, sedans seem like a relic of the past. Yet, Genesis, the luxury brand under Hyundai, is breathing new life into sedans with its G70 and G80 models. Despite the odds, Genesis is holding its ground and making strides in the sedan market.

A Resilient Brand on the Rise

Genesis is not just surviving but thriving with its elegant design philosophy and driver-friendly vehicles. Jarred Pellat, a Genesis spokesperson, proudly states that the brand’s sedan sales tripled in 2021, showcasing a significant rise in their popularity. Even though SUVs dominate their sales, sedans like the G80 are gradually gaining traction, accounting for a substantial portion of Genesis’s total sales.

The Allure of Sedans

While the American market may be shifting towards larger vehicles, there remains a loyal customer base that appreciates the sophistication and driving dynamics of sedans. Pellat highlights that executive sedans like the G80 offer a unique driving experience that connects drivers to the road, a feature that sets them apart from the elevated position of SUVs.

Genesis’s Commitment to Innovation

Genesis refuses to conform to industry norms, continuously innovating to capture the attention of discerning drivers. From luxurious interiors to thoughtful design details like side-by-side seat controls, Genesis is redefining the sedan experience. Drawing inspiration from South Korean culture, Genesis incorporates unique features tailored to meet the needs of diverse global markets.

A Bright Future for Sedans

Despite the prevailing narrative, sedans are far from obsolete in Genesis’s vision. The brand’s unwavering dedication to sedans not only challenges stereotypes but also sets a precedent for Hyundai and Kia’s future design endeavors. With upcoming models like the G90, Ioniq, EV6, and innovative concepts like the Seven and EV9, Genesis remains a strong advocate for the enduring relevance of sedans in the automotive landscape.


In a world captivated by the allure of SUVs, Genesis stands out as a beacon of resilience and innovation in the sedan segment. By staying true to their design philosophy and driver-centric approach, Genesis continues to captivate audiences and defy industry norms. As the automotive industry evolves, Genesis is at the forefront, proving that sedans still have a place in a market dominated by larger vehicles.

FAQs About Genesis’s Stride in the Sedan Market

1. What sets Genesis sedans apart from the competition?
Genesis sedans offer a unique blend of elegant design, driver-centric features, and luxurious interiors that set them apart in the market.

2. How is Genesis adapting to changing consumer preferences for SUVs?
While SUVs dominate the market, Genesis is innovating with its sedan lineup to cater to loyal customers who appreciate the driving dynamics and sophistication of sedans.

3. What can we expect from Genesis in the future regarding sedan designs?
Genesis is committed to the sedan segment and plans to introduce new models like the G90, Ioniq, EV6, and concept designs to redefine the perception of sedans.

4. How is Genesis incorporating cultural elements into its sedan designs?
Taking inspiration from South Korean culture, Genesis integrates unique features like side-by-side seat controls to enhance the driving experience for global customers.

5. Why should consumers consider a Genesis sedan over an SUV?
Genesis sedans offer a dynamic driving experience, luxurious interiors, and innovative design details that appeal to drivers seeking a sophisticated and engaging ride experience.

By embracing the art of sedan design and reimagining traditional concepts, Genesis is paving the way for a renewed appreciation of sedans in an SUV-dominated automotive landscape.

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