Unique Chevy Camaro Equipped with Double Dually Studded Tires Takes Ice Racing to New Heights

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Witness the Unconventional

Ice racing enthusiasts have pushed the boundaries by transforming a Chevrolet Camaro into a remarkable ice racer with not four, not six, but eight narrow and studded tires. This beast has been spotted gliding across a frozen lake in Finland, showcasing its exceptional performance and handling on ice.

Owner’s Passion Unleashed

Pekka Palmgren, the mind behind this exceptional build, has been sharing jaw-dropping videos of his creation for years. His dedication to pushing the limits of his Camaro, paying homage to the vintage racing era, is truly inspirational.

Power and Precision

The heart of this unique Camaro is a 454 engine sourced from a 1991 Chevy Suburban, tweaked to unleash 400 horsepower and over 440 lb-ft of torque. Palmgren’s modifications to the suspension and chassis have significantly enhanced the car’s performance on the icy track.


From its unconventional tire setup to its powerful engine and precise handling, this Chevy Camaro redefines the boundaries of ice racing. Pekka Palmgren’s dedication and craftsmanship have created a truly extraordinary beast on the icy tracks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How many tires does the modified Chevy Camaro have?

The modified Chevy Camaro boasts an impressive total of eight tires, equipped with narrow and studded design for optimal traction on icy surfaces.

2. What engine powers the unique Camaro ice racer?

The ice racer is powered by a sixth-gen 454 engine derived from a 1991 Chevy Suburban, delivering 400 horsepower and over 440 lb-ft of torque, making it a formidable force on the ice.

3. Who is the mastermind behind this exceptional build?

Pekka Palmgren is the innovative creator behind the transformation of the Chevy Camaro into a double dually studded tire-equipped ice racing marvel, showcasing his passion and skill in the automotive world.

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Unusual Homemade Double-Dually Chevy Camaro for Ice Racing Enthusiasts


Ice racing enthusiasts have a new hero in Johan Palmgren and his unique double-dually Chevy Camaro. The homemade dually wheels on this cool ride are turning heads and enhancing performance on the slippery ice tracks this season.

The Homemade Double-Dually Wheels:

Palmgren’s innovative creation involves cutting the center out of the outer rim and bolting it to the inside rim to create the double-dually setup on his Chevy Camaro. This ingenious modification allows him to run single wheels for street and track driving while switching to the double-dually configuration for the ultimate ice racing experience.

Witness the Double-Dually Chevy in Action:

If you’re curious to see this exceptional Chevy Camaro in action, Palmgren’s earlier videos showcase the car sliding across snow and ice with impressive control. Despite initially garnering only a few hundred views in 2021, the double-dually Chevy is gaining popularity as word spreads about this remarkable creation.


Johan Palmgren’s homemade double-dually Chevy Camaro offers a unique and exciting experience for ice racing enthusiasts. The blend of creativity and performance showcased in this vehicle highlights the innovation and passion that drive automotive enthusiasts to push boundaries and create something truly extraordinary.


What inspired Johan Palmgren to create the double-dually wheels for his Chevy Camaro?

Johan Palmgren’s passion for ice racing and a desire to enhance performance led him to develop the homemade double-dually wheels for his Chevy Camaro, setting his vehicle apart from the rest.

How does the double-dually setup benefit the Chevy Camaro’s performance on ice tracks?

The double-dually configuration provides increased traction and stability on slippery ice tracks, allowing the Chevy Camaro to maneuver with precision and control, making it a formidable competitor in ice racing events.

Where can I watch videos of the double-dually Chevy Camaro in action?

To watch the double-dually Chevy Camaro in action, you can check out Johan Palmgren’s earlier videos showcasing the car sliding across snow and ice with impressive control, highlighting its unique capabilities on the ice racing circuit.

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