Mercedes Says Customers Want to Talk to Their Car Like a Friend

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Mercedes’ Innovative Approach to Car Tech: Talking to Your Car Like a Friend

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive technology, staying up-to-date is crucial for car manufacturers, especially the iconic German luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz. These legacy brands are facing stiff competition from new market entrants globally and are exploring innovative ways to differentiate themselves. Mercedes-Benz, in particular, is taking a unique approach by aiming to make their cars conversational companions for their customers.

Mercedes’ Embrace of Virtual Assistants as Friends

A recent interview with Mercedes‘ Chief Software Officer, Magnus Östberg, highlighted an interesting trend observed among Mercedes customers in Asia. The customers in this region are showing a preference for a more conversational and friendly interaction with their cars’ virtual assistants. According to Östberg, the ultimate goal is to cater to the diverse preferences of customers worldwide, with some regions valuing the chattiness and companionship of the digital assistant.

Tailoring Experiences through Varied Assistant “Moods”

To adapt to the global differences in customer expectations, Mercedes is incorporating four distinct “moods” into their virtual assistants: natural, empathetic, personal, and proactive. Additionally, the company is exploring the use of facial recognition and in-car vision technology to adjust the assistant’s demeanor based on the driver’s cues and reactions.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Car Interactions

While Mercedes is leaning towards reducing physical buttons in favor of voice commands and screen interactions, Östberg emphasized the brand’s commitment to providing a luxury experience without resorting to excessive subscription fees. This approach aims to offer a holistic customer experience without nickel-and-diming the consumers.


Mercedes’ endeavor to create a conversational and personalized interaction between drivers and their cars reflects a deep understanding of the evolving expectations in the automotive industry. By embracing innovative technologies and customer-centric approaches, Mercedes-Benz is set to redefine the way we connect with our vehicles.


What is Mercedes’ approach to virtual assistants in cars?

Mercedes aims to offer a conversational and personalized experience by incorporating various assistant “moods” and leveraging cutting-edge technologies like facial recognition.

How does Mercedes plan to balance luxury experiences with subscription-based services?

Mercedes intends to provide a holistic customer experience without overcharging customers, emphasizing a comprehensive approach rather than excessive subscription fees.

Will Mercedes’ conversational car technology be available globally?

Yes, Mercedes is tailoring its virtual assistant experiences to suit the preferences and cultural differences of customers worldwide, ensuring a personalized interaction for all users.

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