This Thing We Thought Was an Electric Corvette SUV Is Probably Just Another Buick

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Is It Really an Electric Corvette SUV or Just Another Buick?

GM’s Surprising Reveal at CES 2021

GM’s unveiling of a slew of electric vehicles during CES 2021 sparked speculation about the possibility of an electric Corvette SUV. However, recent developments suggest that the mysterious SUV might not be what many enthusiasts were hoping for.

Likely a Buick, Not a Corvette

After closely examining GM’s electrification roadmap, it seems increasingly probable that the enigmatic SUV is actually a Buick model rather than a sporty Corvette variant. The resemblance in styling cues to existing Buick models, such as the Electra E5 in China and the Wildcat concept, indicates a strong Buick influence.

Unveiling the Puzzle Piece

While GM has showcased various electric vehicles, including the Hummer EV and the Cadillac Lyriq, the missing SUV between these models is speculated to be a Buick, possibly akin to the Enclave EV due to Buick’s focus on compact runabouts.

Unlikely Prospect for a Corvette EV SUV

Contrary to expectations, the current design of the unrevealed SUV aligns more with an Enclave EV than a sleek, sporty Corvette model. The emphasis on family-oriented features suggests that a Corvette EV SUV might not be on the horizon.


While the idea of an electric Corvette SUV was tantalizing, it appears that GM’s upcoming release might steer more toward a Buick offering. Despite initial excitement, the likelihood of a Corvette EV SUV seems slim based on recent clues.


Could the mystery SUV be a Corvette EV model?

Based on current indications and styling cues, it’s more probable that the undisclosed SUV is a Buick model, possibly resembling the Enclave EV.

Why did GM’s CES showcase spark Corvette SUV rumors?

GM’s penchant for electrification and the success of models like the Mustang-inspired electric SUV led to speculation about potential sporty electric models like a Corvette SUV.

Will GM eventually release an electric Corvette SUV?

While nothing is certain, the current focus on family-friendly designs for upcoming electric vehicles suggests that a Corvette EV SUV might not be GM’s immediate priority.

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