BMW Was Secretly Working on an M1-Inspired Supercar Until the Pandemic Killed It

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BMW’s Unreleased I16: A Tribute to the M1 that Never Made it to Production

BMW’s Hidden Project Revealed

BMW, like many automakers, often works on ambitious projects that never see the light of day. However, recently, BMW’s design chief Domagoj Dukec unveiled a secret project known as the I16, a car inspired by the iconic M1.

A Glimpse into the I16

The I16 was envisioned as the successor to the i8 but carried the spirit of the legendary M1. Dukec shared sketches and renderings of the I16 on Instagram, showcasing its production-oriented design aimed at making it accessible to customers.

The development of the I16 was swift, with the car being fully realized in less than a year, both inside and out. However, despite the promising progress, the project met an unfortunate end before reaching production.

The Untimely Demise

The global changes brought about by the events of 2020, specifically the pandemic, led to the halt of the I16 project. This decision was a major blow not only to BMW enthusiasts but also to the automotive industry, as the I16 had the potential to redefine BMW’s styling and technological direction.

A Missed Opportunity

The cancellation of the I16 meant a missed opportunity for BMW to introduce a visually stunning and technologically advanced vehicle that could have bridged the gap between traditional sports cars and cutting-edge hybrid technology.


While the I16 may never see the production line, its legacy remains a testament to BMW’s design innovation and commitment to pushing boundaries. The automotive world may have missed out on a remarkable tribute to the M1, but the spirit of the I16 lives on in the realm of unrealized possibilities.


What was the inspiration behind the BMW I16 project?

The BMW I16 project was inspired by the iconic BMW M1, aiming to pay tribute to its design and performance legacy.

Why was the BMW I16 project discontinued?

The BMW I16 project was discontinued due to the global changes and uncertainties brought about by the events of 2020, particularly the impact of the pandemic on the automotive industry.

Could the BMW I16 have influenced BMW’s future design direction?

Yes, the I16 had the potential to shape BMW’s styling direction and technological innovations, offering a blend of classic design cues with modern hybrid technology.

Will BMW reconsider the I16 project in the future?

While there is no official confirmation, the automotive industry’s evolving landscape leaves room for possibilities, hinting that BMW might revisit the concept of the I16 or integrate its design elements into future models.

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