This Amazing Racing Simulator Resides in the Authentic Body of a Ferrari 458, and You Can Have It

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Imagine desiring a Ferrari 458 for ages but lacking an extra $250,000 to spend. Perhaps the next best choice would be to have a life-sized Ferrari 458 simulator in your own home. An opportunity to purchase one currently exists in the UK, providing all-weather driving fun. No need for expensive tire replacements, and no worries about skidding in the rain and damaging your prancing horse.

This racing simulator was meticulously crafted by Chartwell, an officially approved Ferrari body shop. Featuring twin simulators inside, allowing for experiences as a right- or left-hand drive vehicle, or accommodating competitive races for two. When stationary, the car rests on a sturdy metal platform and can be elevated or lowered on its caster wheels for transport.

This Wonderful Racing Sim Sits in a Real Ferrari 458 Body, and It Could Be Yours
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Enhancing the driving fantasy are various features, such as the high-quality Thrustmaster TS-PC Ferrari racing steering wheel intensifying the system’s feedback. Equipped with a Fanatec Clubsport three-pedal setup for vibrations, Butt Kicker speakers emulate engine noises and gear shifts, complemented by air circulation inside the cabin to simulate speed. Comfy reclining Sparco bucket seats, mounted on Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 foundations and secured with vibrant red harnesses, envelop the players during their driving experiences.

For gaming enthusiasts, the simulator is powered by two Sporting MSI X470 Gaming Plus motherboards, in conjunction with two 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX memory GeForce RTX 2080 graphics cards and AMD 7 2700X processors. Utilizing iRacing software ensures an immersive experience, offering a chance to switch the Ferrari simulation for a taste of another supercar.

The current price stands at approximately $13,000, offering free delivery to any location in the UK with three days remaining. It’s anticipated that the price may rise soon; if this is as close as you can get to driving a genuine Ferrari 458, it’s a worthwhile opportunity.

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