The Rivian R3 Resembles a Cyberpunk AMC Gremlin Featuring a Boosted R3X Performance Edition

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An unexpected revelation came today with the introduction of the diminutive Rivian R3. This latest addition becomes the smallest electric vehicle in Rivian’s lineup, surpassing even the recently unveiled R2 in compactness, and is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing. Combining the raised, futuristic design reminiscent of the AMC Gremlin with user-friendly accessibility features, it appears that the EV startup may have struck gold.

Additionally, there is a high-intensity R3X variant with a triple-motor drivetrain that exudes a rally-inspired feel. But let’s first focus on the standard R3.

Rivian opted to withhold some specifics about the R3; however, we do have some information. The wheelbase is approximately 5 inches shorter than the R2, which is already significantly smaller than the larger R1S. This model is notably more compact compared to the known Rivians, yet still offers single, dual, and triple-motor drivetrain options. Similar to the R2, the R3 will be available with two battery size choices, with the larger one boasting over 300 miles of range utilizing new 4695 cells.

The rear section is particularly eye-catching, featuring a slanted, height-adjustable hatch. While Rivian categorizes it as a crossover, it closely resembles a hatchback. The increased ground clearance enhances its appeal to the general public and augments its off-road capabilities.

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The R3X model shines on challenging terrain with robust tires and a tri-motor configuration delivering considerable power. The R3X accelerates to 60 mph in under three seconds, showcasing its agility on dirt roads.

The vibrant color combination is truly striking and highly appealing.

Expected to commence in 2026, Rivian R3 deliveries require some advance financial planning. While exact pricing details are yet to be disclosed, estimates suggest it may start around $40,000-$42,000, in line with the introductory price of the larger R2 at $45,000.

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