2026 Rivian R2 Debuts With Over 300-Mile Range, Autonomous Driving, Sub-3-Second 0-60 Acceleration

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Rivian caused a stir with the unveiling of the all-electric R1T truck and R1S sport utility vehicle. Now, the ripple effect is evident as the more diminutive Rivian R2 makes its entrance. This downscaled SUV carries forward many beloved attributes of the R1 but at a reduced cost and in a smaller form factor. Additionally, it boasts impressive range and performance, along with potentially groundbreaking driving automation technology that surpasses anything Tesla has released thus far.

The R2 showcases design cues resembling a scaled-down version of the R1S, presenting itself with a lower, slimmer, and more compact profile built on an entirely fresh platform. Its innovative structural battery arrangement utilizes new cells that store ample energy, providing the R2 with a range exceeding 300 miles across all three available drivetrain configurations. These options include a single rear-drive motor variant, a dual-motor all-wheel-drive model, and a high-performance tri-motor setup with dual rear motors facilitating a sub-three-second zero-to-60 mph sprint.

What resonated about the R1 was its innovative design philosophy and efficient use of space, concepts that the R2 further elaborates on. The R2 features a front trunk (or “frunk”), a panoramic sunroof, pop-out rear windows behind the second row, and a rear glass that rolls down to enhance air circulation. The lowerable rear glass also enables the storage of elongated items, helped by the fold-flat rear and front seats. Included are dual front-row glove compartments, the familiar driver’s door flashlight, and an extensive array of outdoor gear.

Regarding technology, Rivian sticks with its Amazon-supported infotainment system controlled in part by touch-sensitive scroll wheels on the steering wheel. Rivian highlights that the R2’s 11 cameras and five radar systems significantly amplify its autonomous driving capabilities. CEO RJ Scaringe has hinted at the potential for hands-free, eyes-off driving on highways, a feature comparable to the advanced driver assistance technology of Mercedes-Benz. Prepare to witness Rivian vehicles illuminated in turquoise hue.

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