The Ram 1500 REV Sells Out Rapidly Following the Opening of Orders for the Electric Pickup

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Being the final of the Detroit automakers to unveil their entirely electric full-scale pickup, Ram’s decision was clearly worth the wait judging by the interest shown by prospective truck purchasers. Ram ceased accepting reservations for their Ram 1500 REV within a mere week of the launch of pre-orders, although the exact number of early adopters who put down $100 to secure their spot among the first owners of the truck expected to arrive next year remains unspecified.

Ram introduced the prototype of the 1500 REV in a high-profile Super Bowl commercial and commenced receiving orders for the vehicle on Feb. 12. Several reports from social media and forums indicated that reservations had reached capacity by Feb. 16, leading interested buyers to opt for email notifications instead. The closing of reservations was highlighted by the Ram Revolution Forum, where a closure notice was posted on Friday. A Ram spokesperson officially confirmed the closure of orders on Monday.

Upon its debut later next year, the Ram 1500 REV will encounter fierce competition from notable rivals such as the Ford F-150 Lightning, Chevy Silverado EV, GMC Sierra EV, GMC Hummer EV pickup, Rivian R1T, and potentially the Tesla Cybertruck. Consumers looking for an electric pickup were once left with limited options, but soon they will have an abundant selection to choose from. By that time, most of these competitors to Ram will have been available in the market for several years, likely contemplating updates or advancements in battery technology. Ram has maintained a relatively discreet stance regarding the details of the Ram 1500 REV, with the exception of its range extension feature, a novelty yet to be unveiled by any other truck manufacturer.

Ram’s innovative range extender for their full-sized pickup may attract conventional truck buyers who may have reservations about solely electric models. Nevertheless, competitors will have had sufficient time to introduce enhancements such as extended-range batteries or other upgrades. For instance, Ford recently announced plans to alter the battery chemistry of certain trim levels of its F-150 Lightning to enhance reliability and charging capacity, or to lower its price. It is apparent that Ram will need to set itself apart from competitors upon its launch next year, but it’s also evident that the initial enthusiasm for an all-electric Ram signifies a strong demand for EV pickups which is likely to persist.

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UPDATE: The article now includes insights from the Ram REV Forum and comments from Ram.

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