The Porsche 959 Nissan Bought to Engineer the R32 GT-R Is Going to Auction

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The Porsche 959 Nissan Bought to Engineer the R32 GT-R Is Going to Auction

Imitation is indeed the best form of flattery, as evidenced by Nissan’s purchase of a Porsche 959 in the late 1980s to aid in developing the all-wheel-drive system for the iconic R32 Skyline GT-R. Despite Porsche’s initial reluctance, the research conducted on the 959 proved instrumental in shaping one of the most revered all-wheel-drive cars in history, the R32 GT-R. Now, the very same Porsche 959 that was meticulously studied and reassembled by Nissan engineers is set to hit the auction block, offering a rare opportunity for enthusiasts to own a piece of automotive history.

The Auction Event

On February 29, 2022, the 1988 Porsche 959 will find a new owner as it goes under the hammer at the prestigious Amelia Island auction hosted by Broad Arrow Auctions. Although this particular Porsche 959 has undergone significant transformations since its days with Nissan, including thorough restoration, modifications, and enhancements by Canepa, it still retains the essence of the original while boasting enhanced performance and capabilities.

The Reimagined Porsche 959

According to Canepa, their approach to restoring the 959 involves a meticulous process where every component is scrutinized, upgraded, and optimized. From the engine to the bodywork, each element receives special attention to ensure maximum performance and aesthetic appeal. The car now flaunts a stunning historic Porsche Oak Green paint paired with a tobacco brown interior, a departure from its original color scheme but undeniably breathtaking.

Power and Performance Upgrade

While the 2.8-liter twin-turbo flat-six engine in the original 959 produced 444 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, Canepa’s modifications have taken it to a whole new level. With enhancements like titanium connecting rods, upgraded cams, new turbos, and advanced engine management, the reimagined flat-six now churns out over 800 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. This power boost translates into exhilarating performance figures, including a 0-60 mph sprint in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 230 mph, managed by a new six-speed manual transmission.

In conclusion, the reimagined Porsche 959 up for auction represents a unique blend of automotive heritage and modern engineering prowess. With its rich history and enhanced performance, this exceptional vehicle is poised to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike at the upcoming auction.


1. What is the significance of the Porsche 959 in automotive history?

The Porsche 959 is renowned for its groundbreaking technologies and performance capabilities, setting new standards for supercars of its era.

2. Who was involved in reengineering the Porsche 959 for the R32 GT-R?

Nissan engineers purchased a Porsche 959 in the late 1980s to study and develop the all-wheel-drive system for the legendary R32 Skyline GT-R.

3. What modifications were made to the Porsche 959 by Canepa?

Canepa extensively upgraded the Porsche 959, including enhancements to the engine, bodywork, and overall performance to create a more powerful and capable version of the iconic vehicle.## Porsche 959 Reimagined: A Unique Auction Experience

Unveiling the Porsche 959 SC Reimagined

Auction enthusiasts and Porsche aficionados are in for a treat as the iconic Porsche 959 SC, reimagined by Canepa, hits the auction block. This customized gem is a sight to behold, blending subtle upgrades with a stock appearance, enhancing the overall driving pleasure.

A Legacy of Innovation and Performance

This reimagined Porsche 959 holds a significant place in automotive history, directly influencing the development of high-performance all-wheel-drive sports cars. Its legacy enriches its value, making it a desirable piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Is It Worth the Asking Price?

Broad Arrow Auctions has set the estimated price for this extraordinary piece between $3,250,000 and $3,750,000. But the question lingers, is this price justified for potentially the most remarkable Porsche 959 variant ever created?


As the anticipation builds for the auction of the Porsche 959 SC Reimagined by Canepa, enthusiasts are eager to witness the outcome. This unique blend of history, innovation, and performance is set to captivate bidders and onlookers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes the Porsche 959 SC Reimagined special?

The Porsche 959 SC Reimagined by Canepa stands out due to its combination of subtle enhancements while keeping the original aesthetics intact, offering a distinctive driving experience.

Why is the estimated price of the Porsche 959 SC Reimagined so high?

The estimated price reflects the rarity and historical significance of this reimagined Porsche 959, making it a sought-after piece among collectors and enthusiasts.

Where can enthusiasts find more information about the auction?

For more details about the auction of the Porsche 959 SC Reimagined by Canepa, interested individuals can reach out to Broad Arrow Auctions.

How can I stay updated on similar events and auctions?

To stay informed about similar events and auctions featuring unique automotive pieces like the Porsche 959 SC Reimagined, subscribe to relevant automotive newsletters and websites for the latest updates.

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