2025 Volvo EX30 Is a $36K EV Packing Up to 275 Miles of Range

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2025 Volvo EX30: A New $36K EV Revolutionizing Electric Cars

Volvo has unveiled its latest addition to the electric vehicle market, the 2025 Volvo EX30, a compact and affordable option priced at $36,145. The EX30 marks Volvo’s significant step towards complete electrification by 2030.

Small but Mighty

The EX30 may be small, comparable in size to a Hyundai Kona, but it maximizes space and functionality efficiently. Volvo’s approach of downsizing for sustainability has resulted in using approximately 30% less material compared to the larger EX90 model.

Sustainable Interior Design

Embracing the ethos of simplicity and sustainability, the EX30 features a minimalist interior design with a single centrally positioned screen for both infotainment and gauge display. Volvo has replaced traditional door speakers with a central soundbar, while about 20% of the interior materials are recycled or sourced from production byproducts.

Powerful Electric Powertrain

Offering two motor options and a unified battery type for the US market, the EX30 comes in a 422-horsepower Twin Motor Performance model, a Twin Motor Extended Range variant, and a Single Motor Extended Range version generating 268 hp. Volvo claims the single-motor models can achieve a range of 275 miles, with a speedy recharge time of just over 26 minutes at 153 kW charging speed.

Future Plans

Volvo has hinted at an upcoming EX30 Cross Country variant, featuring a lifted design and robust all-terrain tires, expected to hit the market in 2024.

Affordability and Accessibility

The EX30 is Volvo’s endeavor to make electric vehicles more accessible to a broader audience. With its competitive range, ample interior space, and a price tag significantly below the average for new electric cars, the EX30 aims to attract buyers seeking an affordable yet advanced EV option.


Volvo’s 2025 EX30 presents a compelling blend of affordability, sustainability, and performance, setting a new benchmark for compact electric vehicles. With its eco-conscious design and impressive range, the EX30 is poised to be a game-changer in the EV market.


Q: What is the starting price of the 2025 Volvo EX30?
A: The base price of the 2025 Volvo EX30 is $36,145, making it a relatively affordable electric vehicle option.

Q: What is the range of the single-motor models of the EX30?
A: Volvo claims that the single-motor models of the EX30 can achieve a range of up to 275 miles, pending EPA testing.

Q: Will there be a ruggedized version of the EX30 available for purchase?
A: Volvo has teased the EX30 Cross Country, a lifted and ruggedized variant equipped with all-terrain tires, expected to be released in 2024.

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