The Munchie Annihilators obliterate hunger with treats

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Established in May 2022 by the father-daughter duo, Rudy and Jeccel Camancho, the birth of The Munchie Annihilators stemmed from the desire for snacks.

Formed in May 2022 by the father-daughter team, Rudy and Jeccel Camancho, The Munchie Annihilators emerged from the concept of “snack cravings.” This mobile eatery serves a variety of treats and dishes including grilled meat fries, nachos, and hamburgers. Find out more information below.


Rudy and Jeccel Camancho

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San Antonio

How many vans are operated under this brand?


Are there any physical locations under this brand? If yes, how many?


How did you decide on the name?

One evening, my daughter and I conversed about launching a food truck. We toyed with various titles, then the term “munchies” came up, leading to the inspiration for the name Munchie Annihilators due to our hunger.

What instigated the start of a food truck venture?

It was my daughter’s brainchild because I always ingrained in my children that their life’s pursuits should be driven by passion and love, to never feel like they are working. Hence, my daughter ventured into the realm of the food truck business.

What’s featured on your mobile menu? Why this particular cuisine?

We offer an array of food and snacks, and also function as an ice cream truck. Our menu comprises:

  • Flavored waters.
  • Grilled meat nachos.
  • Grilled meat fries.
  • Frito pie.
  • Spicy cheese snacks.
  • Corn served in a cup.
  • Hot dogs, hamburgers, and more.

Is all the food prepared on the truck, or is an external kitchen or commissary employed?

We manage a commissary where all the preparations are made. Everything is freshly prepared.

What’s the most gratifying aspect of running a food truck?

Attending diverse events, interacting with individuals, serving them, and witnessing their reactions upon tasting our offerings.

What’s the most challenging part of operating a food truck?

Personally, the most challenging aspects are the extended hours and the physical labor. However, I am passionate about this work, and ultimately, it rewards you monetarily.

What insights have you gained since launching the truck?

Through trial and error, we managed almost everything independently, financing everything ourselves. In retrospect, seeking professional guidance earlier would have been beneficial.

Would you approach the beginning differently if given the opportunity?

Yes, we should have enlisted professional assistance from the start.

Any recommendations for aspiring food truck entrepreneurs?

Prioritize your passion for this field, as if you do, every day will feel fulfilling. Take the leap!

Any interesting stories about managing a food truck — unique encounters or special events you’ve participated in?

Indeed, we were actually featured on a food truck program on YouTube.

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