Team Associated Reflex 14B Buggy Kit

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Title: Team Associated Reflex 14B Buggy Kit – A Comprehensive Overview


Team Associated’s Reflex 14B Buggy Kit is now available, providing enthusiasts with a customizable build experience. The kit includes optional upgrades from the Factory Team division, allowing users to personalize their buggy by adding their preferred electronics.


The kit boasts several features:
– Factory Team aluminum wheel hexes
– Factory Team aluminum threaded racing shocks
– Three sealed differentials
– Threaded coil-over shock absorbers
– Turnbuckles for camber and toe adjustment
– Aluminum steering rack
– Front universal driveshafts
– Molded tub chassis with covered center driveshaft
– Updated battery strap system
– Aluminum center driveshaft
– Clear Lexan Reflex 14B Gamma body

Quick Stats:

  • Product: Team Associated Reflex 14B Buggy Kit
  • Part #: ASC20186
  • Scale: 1/14 Scale
  • Price: $179.99
  • Build Type: Kit

What We Like:

The option to build the Reflex 14B with added upgrades provides a more fulfilling experience for hobbyists seeking customization and performance enhancements.

What We’re Not Sure About:

The additional cost of purchasing electronics separately might be a consideration for some buyers, especially since the Ready-to-Run version is priced at about $260. This kit caters to serious hobbyists looking for top-notch components in a compact package.


The Team Associated Reflex 14B Buggy Kit offers hobbyists a chance to build their buggy with high-quality components and the flexibility to choose their electronics. With a host of features and customization options, this kit presents a rewarding challenge for enthusiasts.

FAQ Section:

1. What scale is the Team Associated Reflex 14B Buggy Kit?

The Team Associated Reflex 14B Buggy Kit is built at a 1/14 scale, providing a compact yet powerful off-road buggy experience.

2. Can I customize the body of the buggy?

Yes, the kit comes with a clear Lexan Reflex 14B Gamma body, allowing for maximum customization according to your preferences.

3. Is the Team Associated Reflex 14B suitable for beginners?

While this kit offers a great building experience, it might be more suitable for hobbyists with some prior experience due to the assembly required and the need to purchase electronics separately.

4. Where can I find more information about Team Associated products?

For more information about Team Associated products, visit their official website at

By offering enthusiasts the opportunity to build and customize their buggy, the Team Associated Reflex 14B Buggy Kit stands out as a thrilling option for those seeking a personalized and high-performance RC experience.

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