Lincoln Envisions a Future Where Driving Is Literal Child’s Play

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Lincoln’s Model L100 Concept: A Glimpse into the Future of Driving

Lincoln’s Innovative Approach to Driving

Lincoln unveiled its revolutionary Model L100 Concept at Monterey Car Week, showcasing a vehicle that challenges traditional notions of driving. This concept car pays tribute to Lincoln’s original luxury model while exploring a new design language that could shape the brand’s future. What sets this concept apart is its unique steering mechanism—a jewel-inspired chess piece controller, designed to mimic the simple and intuitive movements seen when children play with toy cars.

A Nod to Nostalgia

Kemal Curic, the Global Design Director for Lincoln, shared that the inspiration for this unconventional steering device came from observing children playing with toy cars. The effortless way kids maneuver toy cars with their hands resonated with the design team, leading to the creation of a control interface that is both emotional and connected. The crystal chess piece, placed on a map-like surface, allows users to guide the vehicle by moving the piece, facilitated by a magnetic field that tracks its position.

A Playful Approach to Technological Innovation

The concept’s design philosophy taps into a universal experience—playing with toy cars. This approach aims to make driving a more engaging and instinctual experience, reminiscent of childhood play. By embracing simplicity and interactivity, Lincoln is reimagining the relationship between driver and vehicle, highlighting the seamless integration of technology and emotion in the driving experience.

Vision for the Future

While the Model L100 Concept remains a visionary concept, its unconventional steering concept sparks curiosity about the future of automotive design. In an industry often focused on efficiency and performance, Lincoln’s playful reinterpretation of driving redefines the boundaries of innovation. By prioritizing the emotional connection between driver and car, this concept sets the stage for a future where driving transcends mere transportation to become a dynamic and immersive experience.


Lincoln’s Model L100 Concept challenges traditional notions of driving by introducing a whimsical and intuitive steering mechanism inspired by childhood play. This innovative approach underscores Lincoln’s commitment to redefining the driving experience through emotional and interactive design elements, setting a new standard for future automotive innovation.


What is the inspiration behind Lincoln’s Model L100 Concept’s steering device?

The design team drew inspiration from observing children play with toy cars, aiming to capture the simplicity and emotional connection seen in such interactions.

Is the crystal chess piece controller a functional feature in the Model L100 Concept?

While the concept is purely visionary, the crystal chess piece controller symbolizes a playful and intuitive approach to vehicle control, emphasizing a blend of technology and emotion in driving.

How does the chess piece steering mechanism work in the Model L100 Concept?

The crystal chess piece, when placed on a map-like surface, interacts with a magnetic field to track its movements, allowing users to navigate the vehicle by manipulating the piece.

What does the Model L100 Concept represent for Lincoln’s future design language?

The Model L100 Concept showcases Lincoln’s ambition to blend nostalgia with innovation, hinting at a future where driving is a seamless and engaging experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

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