Lamborghini Is Obsessing Over What Its EVs Will Sound Like

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Lamborghini’s Quest for the Perfect Electric Vehicle Sound

Lamborghini, a brand synonymous with raw exhaust noise, is now venturing into the realm of electric vehicles (EVs). The unveiling of the Lamborghini Lanzador, the brand’s first production EV, marks a pivotal moment for the company. How does a manufacturer known for its distinctive engine notes transition into the relatively silent world of electric motors? Rouven Mohr, Lamborghini’s Chief Technical Officer, sheds light on the brand’s sound strategy for its EVs.

Embracing Authenticity in EV Sound

In an interview with The Drive, Mohr emphasizes Lamborghini’s commitment to creating authentic sound experiences for its EVs. He underscores the importance of steering clear of entirely artificial noises that disconnect the sound from the vehicle’s actual performance. The goal is to integrate soundscapes that resonate with the electric drivetrain’s operations while infusing a touch of synthetic enhancement.

The Art of Sound Engineering

Lamborghini’s approach involves leveraging the inherent frequencies of the e-motors and the inverter, tweaking, amplifying, and fine-tuning these sounds to mirror the drivetrain’s status accurately. Mohr acknowledges that electric powertrains produce intriguing sounds during various driving phases, such as acceleration and regenerative braking. By enhancing these noises, Lamborghini aims to craft a unique auditory identity for its EVs.

Potential Game-Changer in EV Soundscapes

While electric motors are known for their subdued operational sounds, Lamborghini endeavors to amplify and tailor these noises for a more dynamic driving experience. This initiative parallels Porsche’s endeavors with the Taycan and hints at Maserati’s aspirations in this domain. By harmonizing the electric sound profile with the brand’s established acoustic heritage, Lamborghini seeks to strike a balance between tradition and innovation in the EV soundscape.


As Lamborghini embarks on the electrification journey, the pursuit of the perfect EV sound emerges as a significant focus area. By melding technology with tradition, the brand aims to redefine auditory experiences in the realm of electric performance vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lamborghini’s approach to crafting sound for its EVs?

Lamborghini aims to infuse authentic sounds from the electric drivetrain while adding synthetic enhancements to create a distinctive auditory experience.

How does Lamborghini plan to amplify electric motor sounds in its EVs?

Lamborghini intends to manipulate the inherent frequencies of e-motors and inverters, amplifying and customizing these sounds to align with the vehicle’s driving dynamics.

How does Lamborghini’s sound strategy for EVs differ from traditional combustion vehicles?

While combustion cars produce naturally derived sounds, Lamborghini plans to adapt this approach to the synthetic soundscape required by electric propulsion, ensuring a seamless transition into the era of electrification.

By combining innovation with the brand’s iconic sound heritage, Lamborghini strives to set new benchmarks in the evolving landscape of EV acoustics.

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