Jaguar’s Final V8 Sports Car Will Be Another F-Type

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Jaguar Announces Last-Ever V8 Sports Car – The 2023 F-Type

Jaguar’s iconic V8 engine finds its finale in the upcoming F-Type sports car

Jaguar enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a monumental moment in automotive history as Jaguar confirms that the 2023 F-Type sports car will mark the end of an era with its final roar of the V8 engine.

The Final Roar of the V8 Engine

Jaguar recently unveiled its plans to equip the 2023 F-Type exclusively with 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engines, a decision reaffirming the brand’s commitment to its powerful legacy. Despite the approaching shift towards mid-engined electric vehicles, Jaguar is keen on bidding farewell to its V8 engine in style with special editions of its gas-powered cars, including the legendary F-Type.

A Farewell Tribute

In an interview with Jaguar Land Rover’s vehicle boss, Nick Collins, it was revealed that Jaguar will celebrate 75 years of sports cars with an exclusive tribute in the form of the last-ever V8 sports car—promising enthusiasts a memorable experience akin to the acclaimed Land Rover Defender.

Electrifying Future

Jaguar’s transition towards electric vehicles under the Reimagine plan is set to transform the brand entirely by 2025. Embracing this shift, Jaguar is crafting its own EV platform, emphasizing innovation and uniqueness in its upcoming models.


While the final V8 F-Type signals a bittersweet farewell to a legendary engine, Jaguar’s journey towards an electric future signifies a new chapter in the brand’s illustrious history. The blend of tradition and innovation sets the stage for an exciting automotive evolution, promising enthusiasts a thrilling ride ahead.


Will the 2023 F-Type be the last V8 sports car from Jaguar?

Yes, the 2023 F-Type is confirmed to be the final Jaguar sports car powered by a V8 engine, marking an end to this iconic era in Jaguar’s history.

What is Jaguar’s timeline for transitioning to electric vehicles?

Jaguar aims to become entirely electric by 2025 as part of its Reimagine plan, reflecting the brand’s commitment to a sustainable and innovative future.

Will Jaguar continue to offer special editions of its gas-powered cars?

Jaguar plans to release special versions of its gas-engined cars, including the F-Type, as a tribute before transitioning to electric vehicles, celebrating the brand’s heritage and performance legacy.

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