Futuristic Ferrari Super Car Is Packed with ’90s Retro Elements

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The amusingly named Ferrari LaFerrari was introduced in Maranello in 2013. A decade later, there’s still no sight of another Ferrari supercar, but indications suggest that a successor is in the pipeline. As previously reported, the Italian car manufacturer has been conducting tests on a new model—potentially featuring a new engine discreetly housed in a Roma test vehicle.

YouTuber Varryx posted a video of the prototype over the weekend. In the video, the car was cloaked in a disruptive monochrome pattern that makes it challenging to discern the contours and features of the vehicle. A point of confusion may arise from spy shots of a camouflaged Ferrari SF90 Versione Speciale presented in the video, distinct from the more angular supercar test vehicle.

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Despite the concealment, certain details can still be inferred from the footage. Notably, the prototype is adorned with electrical safety caution labels, indicating the presence of an electrified powertrain. Given the presence of exhaust pipes at the rear, it can be assumed that the new supercar will be a hybrid. Additionally, microphones located near the exhaust pipes in the video suggest that the prototype may be undergoing regulatory testing.

Consistent with previous observations of test vehicles on public roads last month, Ferrari has confirmed the exclusion of V12 engines in its forthcoming hybrid models. The company has also indicated that technology from its F1 and Le Mans Hypercar endeavors will be incorporated into the upcoming supercar. This points towards a turbocharged hybrid V6 being the probable powertrain, consistent with the engine configurations utilized in those racing series.

The aesthetic of the design seems to be quite angular, particularly at the rear and along the sides. However, definitive conclusions are difficult to draw at this stage of testing, as additional panel modifications may be present on the prototype that may not carry over to the production model.

The unique combination of the cockpit design, angular side features, and prominent rear wing gives the impression of a 2010s LMP prototype racer when viewed from the front three-quarter angle. The profile hints at a ’90s influence, with certain lines reminiscent of past Ferrari supercars, especially the distinct rear haunches resembling those of the Enzo, designed in the 1990s and released in 2002.

Anticipate more reveals of the new supercar as it approaches its anticipated launch in 2025. With restrictions on naming, perhaps Ferrari’s creative team will opt for a more humorous or inventive name, considering they cannot use “The Ferrari” again. Despite the challenge, they could consider names like the Ferrari Car or the Ferrari Vehicle. In Italian, this could translate to the Ferrari Veicolo, which actually has a nice ring to it. You heard it here first.

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