Bugatti’s Newest Release Boasts Less Than 1 Horsepower, Maximum Speed of 18.5 Miles Per Hour

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Over the years, Bugatti has held various meanings, originally associated with a traditional sports car brand, while now recognized for its extravagant, highly-priced luxury hypercars. It might not be the initial brand that springs to mind when thinking about electric scooters, but the company is set to introduce one soon.

This scooter showcases a sleek, curved design inspired by the contemporary Bugatti design aesthetics. Whether you desire an electric scooter in a luxurious French blue color, the Bugatti model might be precisely what you’re looking for; alternatively, silver and black finishes are also offered. The “streamlined” design utilizes a magnesium alloy structure to maintain a weight of just 35 pounds.

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One wonders how Ettore Bugatti feels about this., Bugatti

Manufactured in collaboration with Bytech, a US enterprise positioning itself as “an active trailblazer in the mobile accessories sector.” The company offers a range of products from phone holders to Bluetooth speakers, with the electric scooter appearing to be a fresh addition to their lineup.

The scooter utilizes 9″ wheels for agile control and an optimal ride height. Propelled by a 700W motor, it can tackle inclines of up to 15 degrees, supported by a 36V, 10 Ah battery that delivers approximately 22 miles of range under normal circumstances. The battery is detachable and can be recharged from a standard wall outlet within around 4 hours.

Additional attractive features include a digital display showing speed and battery status, along with a customized rear light casting the iconic reverse “EB” monogram onto the ground behind the rider. It also includes turning indicators and a rear light for enhanced safety. The scooter can accommodate riders weighing up to 242 lbs.

Those anticipating Veyron-esque performance, however, might find themselves slightly let down. The scooter offers three driving modes named Economy, City, and Sport, each reaching top speeds of 9mph, 12.5 mph, and 18.5 mph, respectively. Nevertheless, for a vehicle intended for urban commuting, a blazing top speed may not be essential.

The Bugatti electric scooter was unveiled to the public at the eventful CES 2022 conference. Commenting on the venture, Bugatti Managing Director Wiebke Stahl remarked that “Bugatti stands as the epitome of automotive superiority,” further stating that “Collaborating with a company like Bytech enables us to expand our presence in the electric mobility field with a seasoned partner and a product that can be appreciated by consumers worldwide.”

It’s peculiar to witness Bugatti affixing its emblem to an electric scooter, given their production of some of the finest, swiftest, and most costly automobiles on the globe. It’s challenging to envision the elite disembarking from a Bugatti Chiron, only to switch to a small electric scooter for the final leg of their journey to the red carpet.

Nevertheless, both Bugatti and Bytech executives appear enthusiastic about the project, suggesting that we may witness more of this in the future. Pricing details have not been disclosed yet, but it’s anticipated to exceed the standard consumer models in cost. We will update this post as pricing information becomes available.

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