Ford’s BlueCruise Under Investigation After Tragic Crash

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The Incident

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has launched an investigation into a fatal crash involving Ford’s hands-free driving assist system, BlueCruise. The incident occurred on February 24 in San Antonio, Texas, where a Ford Mustang Mach-E collided with a stationary Honda CR-V, resulting in the tragic death of the Honda’s driver, Jeffrey Allen Johnson.

BlueCruise Technology

Ford’s BlueCruise is a sophisticated hands-free driving system, ranking as the second most advanced in the U.S. market after GM’s Super Cruise. The system allows drivers to momentarily remove their hands from the steering wheel while driving on specific highways, provided they maintain their focus on the road. BlueCruise employs a driver monitoring system that monitors the driver’s eye movements; if it detects prolonged distraction, it disengages the system.

NTSB Investigation

The NTSB’s decision to investigate this crash is significant due to the potential involvement of BlueCruise. Unlike previous incidents involving Tesla’s Autopilot, which lacked strict driver monitoring systems, BlueCruise’s advanced monitoring features aim to prevent such tragedies by ensuring the driver’s attention remains on the road.

Ford BlueCruise route map as of 2021
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Ford BlueCruise route map as of 2021. – Ford

Potential Ramifications

The outcome of this investigation could have far-reaching implications, not only for Ford but for the automotive industry as a whole. It remains unclear whether BlueCruise was active during the crash, making this possibly the first known incident involving a hands-free driving system. The importance of stringent safety measures, including robust driver monitoring systems, is underscored by this tragic event.


The investigation into the fatal crash linked to Ford’s BlueCruise technology sheds light on the critical role of driver monitoring systems in advanced driving assistance features. As authorities delve deeper into the circumstances of the incident, questions arise about the effectiveness of such systems in preventing accidents and ensuring driver attentiveness on the road.


1. What is Ford’s BlueCruise system?

Ford’s BlueCruise is an advanced hands-free driving assist technology that allows drivers to momentarily remove their hands from the steering wheel while driving on specific highways.

2. How does BlueCruise ensure driver attention?

BlueCruise uses a driver monitoring system that tracks the driver’s eye movements. If prolonged distraction is detected, the system disengages to ensure the driver refocuses on the road.

3. Why is the NTSB investigating the crash?

The NTSB has initiated an investigation to determine the potential involvement of Ford’s BlueCruise system in the fatal crash, emphasizing the importance of scrutinizing advanced driver assistance technologies for safety.

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