Discover This Pristine Chevrolet HHR SS Pickup, a Quirky Small Truck That’s Sure to Catch Your Eye

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This unique Chevrolet HHR SS pickup truck conversion is truly captivating. Witnessing a transformation like this, starting from an underappreciated and somewhat forgotten vehicle, fills me with joy as it reflects a great deal of enthusiasm. The owner’s dedication to enhancing their beloved car’s uniqueness is admirable. Now, the opportunity to own this peculiar pickup can be yours, as it is currently listed for sale on Bring a Trailer.

The base model for this project was the Chevrolet HHR SS, distinct from the Chevy SSR pickup. The latter boasts a more retro appearance with a V8 engine, while the HHR SS is a retro-styled hatchback featuring panel van influences and a four-cylinder engine. The customization journey commenced by cutting off the roof of the HHR behind the B-pillar and transforming the rear segment into a sleek pickup bed. However, describing it simply as a modification overlooks the exceptional craftsmanship incorporated into this creation.






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