2022 GMC Hummer EV Damaged by Clueless Content Creator After Only 9 Miles

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Given the considerable weight of 9,000 pounds carried by the 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1, it was inevitable for someone to discover the consequences of such mass under force. A YouTuber recently learned this lesson the hard way by damaging his vehicle shortly after taking possession. Despite my reluctance to give him undue attention, his errors serve as a demonstration of the limitations of supposedly high-performance electric pickup trucks.

This incident involves Edmond Mondi, who may be recognizable from the video showing a Hummer EV accelerating dangerously toward stationary traffic. The footage likely captured the moments leading up to Mondi’s inaugural vlog about his new Hummer EV, shared on YouTube last Wednesday. He persuades a couple of his employees—the very individuals who allowed him to afford the truck—to accompany him on the test drive. Notably, he even promises one of them a raise should he act recklessly. The outcome was predictable.

Unsurprisingly, Mondi immediately engages the full-power WTF Mode for a launch, while his assistant captures the discomfort of back-seat passengers on camera. The turning point arrives when Mondi speeds the Hummer onto an unpaved section where his cameraman alerts him of a significant dip in the road. Mondi fails to heed the warning and forces the Hummer to collide with it forcefully, resulting in severe damage to the vehicle.

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Upon closer inspection of the damage, the team notices a red-orange fluid puddle, likely leaking coolant from the visibly damaged radiator. While examining the truck, they identify the misalignment of the right rear wheel, indicating a malfunction in the Hummer’s rear-wheel steering system. Although resembling the damage on the first Hummer EV listed on Copart, Mondi’s truck, as seen in the thumbnail of his video, appears distinct. Additionally, Mondi is seemingly based in Las Vegas, not Florida, and his vehicle lacks the severe body damage observed on the Copart Hummer.

Despite this, visible damage is present on the hood and front driver-side fender, suggesting misalignment. Mondi speculates that the frame is bent, stating, “I’ve totaled it, the frame is definitely bent.” In total, Mondi claims to have covered approximately nine miles and 20 minutes of ownership before wrecking his Hummer EV.

While hesitant to promote such individuals, especially those who can frivolously discard a six-figure sum without much remorse, this incident highlights the limitations of GM’s “supertruck.” The laws of physics governing a 9,000-pound vehicle are unforgiving; any misstep will result in damage. As the adage goes, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

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