Carnival Cruise Line Enhances Sustainability Efforts by Planting Thousands of Trees at New Private Island Destination

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Carnival Cruise Line has taken significant steps to accelerate its greenhouse gas reduction goals and enhance sustainability efforts. The company’s recent initiative, ‘Plant a Tree,’ has successfully planted 5,000 palm trees at its new private destination in the Bahamas, Celebration Key. By collaborating with local farmers and growers, Carnival is not only beautifying the island but also supporting the local economy.

The ‘Plant a Tree’ Initiative: Phase Two

Carnival Cruise Line is now moving forward with Phase Two of its program, aiming to plant 200,000 locally grown plants, including Gumbo-Limbo, Seagrape, Silver and Green Buttonwood, Green Island Ficus, and Bougainvillea. The company encourages active participation from the Grand Bahama community to create a vibrant, sustainable environment at Celebration Key for both residents and visitors.

Celebration Key: A Sustainable and Luxurious Destination

Anticipated to open in the summer of 2025, Celebration Key on Grand Bahama Island promises guests a blend of beautiful foliage and luxurious experiences. Carnival has already planned over 500 visits to the destination, expecting to welcome around 2.2 million guests in the first year alone. With plans for expansion underway, the cruise line is investing in extending the pier to accommodate additional ships, including the Carnival Excel-class vessels.

FAQs about Carnival’s Tree Planting Initiative

Q: Why is Carnival Cruise Line planting trees at Celebration Key?

A: Carnival is prioritizing sustainability and combating climate change by planting trees, which help reduce carbon dioxide levels in the air.

Q: What plants are being introduced in Phase Two of the initiative?

A: In Phase Two, Carnival is focusing on planting 200,000 locally grown plants, including Gumbo-Limbo, Seagrape, Silver and Green Buttonwood, Green Island Ficus, and Bougainvillea.

Q: When is Celebration Key expected to open, and how many guests will it welcome?

A: Celebration Key is set to open in the summer of 2025, with Carnival estimating around 2.2 million guests in the first year, with projections of up to 4 million visitors by 2028.


Carnival Cruise Line’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is exemplified through its ‘Plant a Tree’ initiative at Celebration Key. By engaging with local communities and investing in green initiatives, Carnival is not only creating a lush and eco-friendly destination but also promoting economic opportunities for residents. As the project progresses, Celebration Key is poised to become a premier sustainable destination for cruise enthusiasts worldwide.## Article Title: Discover the Bahamian Culture at Carnival Cruise Line’s Celebration Key


Carnival Cruise Line’s newly developed private island, Celebration Key, offers visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of the Bahamas. The island showcases locally grown plant life and provides a range of experiences that highlight Bahamian traditions and heritage.

Explore Bahamian Culture at Celebration Key

Guests are welcomed through the vibrant Paradise Plaza, leading them to picturesque spots for memorable vacation selfies and thrilling waterslides, including the impressive 10-story “Suncastle.”

Enjoy Calypso Lagoon

For adults seeking relaxation, Calypso Lagoon provides a tranquil setting with water activities, loungers, cabanas, and a choice of private restaurants, casual snacks, and Bahamian food trucks.

Shop at Lokono Cove Marketplace

Visitors looking for authentic mementos can explore Lokono Cove’s marketplace, offering a selection of souvenirs, jewelry, and art reflecting Grand Bahama’s rich heritage and creativity.

Supporting the Local Economy

Carnival Cruise Line is committed to supporting the local economy of the Bahamas. With 75% of Celebration Key’s outlets owned and run by Bahamians, including those in Lokono Cove, the initiative aims to provide over 700 permanent jobs in food and beverage, retail, and transportation sectors.


By blending entertainment with cultural immersion, Celebration Key stands out as a destination that not only offers a memorable vacation experience but also contributes significantly to the economic development of the Bahamas.


1. What makes Celebration Key unique?

Celebration Key offers visitors a chance to experience Bahamian culture through vibrant entryways, water activities, authentic cuisine, and local marketplace shopping, all while supporting the local economy.

2. How many permanent jobs is Celebration Key expected to create?

Carnival Cruise Line anticipates creating over 700 permanent jobs for locals in various sectors, adding to the significant economic impact of the island’s development and construction.

3. What is the significance of the locally owned outlets on Celebration Key?

Seventy-five percent of the outlets on Celebration Key are owned and operated by Bahamians, showcasing Carnival Cruise Line’s commitment to empowering local businesses and boosting the island’s economy.

4. What kind of experiences can guests expect at Calypso Lagoon?

Calypso Lagoon offers a relaxing atmosphere with water activities, lounging options, private dining, and Bahamian food trucks, ensuring that guests of all ages can unwind and enjoy their time on the island.

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