We shall manufacture V-12s until they are prohibited

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By Car Brand Experts

  • Ferrari is not finished with V-12 engines
  • The carmaker stated it will persist in enhancement until the 12-cylinder is banned
  • Only two Ferraris are presently marketed with a V-12 engine

The V-12 is a scarce kind nowadays, yet Ferrari currently markets two models with precisely such an engine and the carmaker has no intentions to desert it anytime soon.

In a conversation with Car Expert shared on Tuesday, Emanuele Carando, Ferrari’s universal marketing chief, mentioned the organization plans to retain the V-12 in its collection until the regulation no more permits it.

Nevertheless, as the guidelines on carbon emissions persist to constrict, making a large engine like a V-12 compliant will turn into a far more formidable task. Carando expressed optimism that the law will “persist in presenting prospects,” like promoting novel vehicles produced to operate on carbon-neutral e-fuels.

Electrification technology can likewise have a role. Ferrari previously integrated a hybrid system to the V-12 engine in the LaFerrari hypercar launched a decade ago, though the carmaker skipped the technology for its current V-12 models, the Purosangue SUV and 12Cilindri grand tourer.

Ferrari 12 Cilindri
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Ferrari 12 Cilindri

In his discussion with Car Expert, Carando revealed hybrid technology was evaluated for the 12Cilindri but was ultimately dismissed since the technology imposes excessive weight on the vehicle without delivering significantly superior performance. The carmaker also strived to maintain the V-12 as unadulterated as feasible.

In due course, Ferrari might need to electrify its V-12 models to meet emissions targets, although considering Ferrari, the technology will almost certainly enhance performance on the racing circuit while simultaneously controlling emissions.

Therefore, rejoice, admirers of the Prancing Horse. Your favored supercars (and SUVs) will not relinquish their V-12 wail any time shortly.

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