Watch This Abandoned Buick Get Its First Car Wash in 15 Years

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Reviving an Abandoned Buick: A 15-Year Transformation

Witness the Astonishing Transformation of a Decaying Buick Reatta

There is something oddly satisfying about witnessing the revival of a neglected car, especially one as desolate as this Buick Reatta. Left to decay in the woods for 15 years, this vehicle was engulfed by mold, filth, and even rodent nests. However, the skilled hands at WD Detailing took on the challenge of restoring this forgotten gem.

The Unlikely Rebirth of an ’80s Icon

To the untrained eye, the Buick Reatta might just be another relic from the ’80s, but for car enthusiasts, it represents a piece of automotive history. Despite its initial lack of popularity, the transformation of this Reatta showcases the beauty that lies beneath the neglect.

From Filth to Fabulous: The Restoration Process

The journey of restoring the Buick Reatta started with a thorough wash to strip away years of grime. The exterior, once pale and worn, regained its luster through meticulous detailing. Despite some irreparable damage to the paint and interior, the transformation brought new life to what was thought to be beyond repair.

A Glimpse Inside: From Nightmarish to Pristine

The interior of the Buick was not spared from the neglect it endured over 15 years. Mold and creature nests had made a home inside its cabin, turning it into a scene from a horror movie. However, after the deep cleaning and steaming process, the interior emerged as inviting and fresh, a stark contrast to its previous state.

The Beauty of Redemption: A Car’s Second Chance

Watching a car regain its former glory is more than just a visual treat; it’s a testament to resilience and dedication. The Buick Reatta, once condemned to decay in the woods, now stands rejuvenated, ready to hit the road once again. Every restored car is a story of rebirth, reminding us of the value in giving forgotten treasures a second chance.


The transformation of the abandoned Buick Reatta serves as a reminder that with dedication and care, even the most neglected objects can be brought back to life. Through the skilled hands of WD Detailing, this decaying relic found a new purpose and appreciation, symbolizing hope in restoration.


Q: Can any neglected car be restored to its former glory like the Buick Reatta?

A: While some cars may have irreparable damage, many neglected vehicles can undergo significant restoration with the right expertise and resources.

Q: How long does a complete car restoration process usually take?

A: The timeline for car restoration varies depending on the extent of damage and the level of detail required. It can range from weeks to months, especially for severely neglected vehicles like the Buick Reatta.

Q: What are some tips for maintaining a restored car’s condition?

A: Regular cleaning, detailing, and timely repairs are essential to preserving the restored condition of a car. Protective measures like waxing and storing the vehicle in a covered area can also help maintain its beauty over time.

Q: How can I find a reliable car detailing service for my vehicle?

A: Researching reviews, asking for recommendations, and inspecting previous work done by detailing services can help you find a trustworthy and skilled team to rejuvenate your car.

Witness the Remarkable Transformation

The story of the Buick Reatta’s revival is a testament to the beauty that can arise from diligence and passion. Through the lens of WD Detailing, this abandoned relic found a new lease on life, captivating the hearts of car enthusiasts and casual observers alike.

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