Watch a 2011 Lincoln Town Car Hit Top Speed on the Autobahn

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Watch a Lincoln Town Car Hit Top Speed on the Autobahn

The Ford Panther platform is iconic in the U.S., with over 9.6 million units produced in more than three decades. While largely seen on American roads, a recent sighting of a Polish YouTuber cruising a 212-inch-long Lincoln Town Car down the German Autobahn has caught attention. The unconventional choice of vehicle for the Autobahn, known for its high-speed stretches, raises eyebrows but also intrigues car enthusiasts.

The Autobahn Adventure

In a video shared by the YouTube channel Petrolhead Number One, the Town Car sets off on a speed run. Despite the driver’s efforts to push the car beyond its limits, the sedan maxes out at just over 102 MPH due to its speed restrictions. The driver’s nonchalant demeanor at this speed showcases a stark contrast to his other videos, like hitting 155 MPH in a Mercedes-Benz E550.

Unconventional Charm

The juxtaposition of a Lincoln on the Autobahn underscores a hypothetical scenario where European roads could be peppered with American-made vehicles. The Town Car’s comfort and luxury features draw parallels to European counterparts like the Mercedes-Benz W124, albeit with differing performance capabilities. While the Panther platform may not rival the high-speed offerings of Mercedes, vehicles like the Marauder still offer a taste of American muscle.

This unique sighting blends a touch of American flair with European sophistication, showcasing the diverse automotive landscape on the global stage. Perhaps, in this digital age, automotive enthusiasts are bound to find surprises and unexpected adventures on the open road, no matter the make or model.


The fusion of American muscle and European elegance on the Autobahn in the form of a Lincoln Town Car serves as a testament to the universal allure of automotive exploration. While speed may be restricted, the spirit of adventure knows no bounds when it comes to showcasing unique and unconventional driving experiences.


Q: Why is a Lincoln Town Car an unusual sight on the Autobahn?
A: The Autobahn is known for high-speed driving, typically with European-made vehicles. The comfort-focused, American-designed Lincoln Town Car being driven on such a road is a stark contrast, making it an uncommon sight.

Q: What speed did the Lincoln Town Car reach on the Autobahn?
A: Despite attempts to push the car to its limits, the Town Car reached just over 102 MPH, as it is limited by its speed capabilities.

Q: How does the Lincoln Town Car compare to European luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz?
A: While the Town Car offers comfort and luxury features similar to European counterparts, its performance capabilities differ, showcasing a unique blend of American and European automotive characteristics.

Q: What makes the sighting of a Lincoln Town Car on the Autobahn significant?
A: The presence of the Town Car on the Autobahn symbolizes a blend of American and European automotive cultures, highlighting the diversity and charm of the global car scene.

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