VW Won’t Make Its Electric Dune Buggy, But Your Kid Can Still Have One

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VW’s Electric Dune Buggy: From Concept to Kid’s Ride


Many car enthusiasts were excited about Volkswagen’s I.D. Buggy concept, an electric take on the classic Meyers Manx. However, the dream of seeing it on the road fizzled out as VW decided not to produce it. But all hope is not lost – Huffy, known for making bicycles, stepped in to create a kid-sized version of the I.D. Buggy, giving children a taste of this futuristic design.

The Journey of the I.D. Buggy Concept:

The I.D. Buggy was born as VW’s electric homage to the iconic off-road dune buggies. Powered by a 201-horsepower electric motor and a 62 kWh battery pack, this concept promised a range of 155 miles. However, the production plans fell through, and the I.D. Buggy found a new life as a ride-in car for kids.

The Huffy I.D. Buggy:

Huffy’s version of the I.D. Buggy stays true to the original concept. With a top speed of 5 mph, functioning lights, and a horn that honks, this mini-vehicle offers an authentic experience. It features a vibrant green interior and a retro-futuristic design, capturing the essence of the VW concept.

Get Your Own Mini I.D. Buggy:

While the full-size version may never hit the streets, you can still own a piece of the dream with the Huffy I.D. Buggy for $235.99. Let your kids enjoy the thrill of driving a miniature electric dune buggy and keep the spirit of innovation alive.


Although the VW I.D. Buggy concept didn’t make it to production, the partnership with Huffy has given families a chance to bring this futuristic design home. In a world where dreams sometimes take unexpected turns, the mini I.D. Buggy keeps the excitement alive for the next generation of adventurers.


Can adults use the Huffy I.D. Buggy?

The Huffy I.D. Buggy is designed for kids and has a weight limit of 125 lbs, making it suitable only for young drivers.

Is the Huffy I.D. Buggy powered by electricity?

Yes, similar to the VW concept, the mini I.D. Buggy runs on electricity, providing a safe and eco-friendly driving experience for children.

Where can I purchase the Huffy I.D. Buggy?

You can buy the Huffy I.D. Buggy online through the Huffy website or select retailers offering this unique ride-in car for kids.

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