VW Tuner Is Building Turbo VR6-Swapped Mk7.5 Golf Rs With 550 HP

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Legendary VW Tuner HPA Motorsports Introduces Turbo VR6-Swapped Mk7.5 Golf Rs with 550 HP

HPA Motorsports – Redefining Performance

HPA Motorsports, a renowned VW tuner, announces a groundbreaking limited production of turbo VR6-swapped Mk7.5 VW Golf Rs. This exclusive series comprises only 50 vehicles, each meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance and driving experience.

Unveiling the Engineering Marvel

Unlike conventional VR6 swaps, HPA opted for the Chinese-market 2.5-liter VR6 engine (DDKA) for these vehicles. This unique engine, distinguished as the sole factory-turbocharged VR6, provides a perfect foundation for enhanced power delivery due to its lightweight construction and factory turbocharging.

The VR550T Package: Power Unleashed

Branded as the VR550T, these customized vehicles boast an impressive 550 horsepower on pump gas. To qualify for this upgrade, owners must have a 2018-2019 Golf R with a DSG transmission. The VR550T features a range of enhancements, including a larger turbo, upgraded camshafts, custom head with improved valves, exhaust system modifications, intercooler upgrades, and fueling optimizations. Furthermore, the DSG gearbox receives enhanced clutch packs to handle the increased torque.

Performance Redefined with Intelligent Software Integration

HPA’s expertise shines through in their software integration, seamlessly incorporating all modifications into the Golf R’s systems. The meticulous engineering ensures that the vehicle retains factory-like functionality, with the CAN bus seamlessly communicating with the new engine and transmission components. Moreover, the VR550T maintains factory engine and gearbox protection protocols, ensuring a smooth ownership experience.

An Investment in Excellence

While the conversion cost stands at $40,000 (excluding the donor vehicle), the unparalleled quality and performance offered by the VR550T make it a desirable option for enthusiasts looking for a top-tier upgrade. Additionally, HPA plans to offer the VR550T as a crate engine for purchase, providing a versatile solution for those seeking significant power gains.


HPA Motorsports continues to push the boundaries of performance tuning with their limited-run turbo VR6-swapped Mk7.5 Golf Rs. The VR550T package represents a harmonious fusion of power, engineering precision, and technological innovation, setting a new standard for aftermarket vehicle enhancements.


What makes the VR550T engine unique?

The VR550T engine stands out for its 550 horsepower output on pump gas, derived from a meticulously engineered combination of components, including a larger turbo, custom camshafts, and upgraded fueling system.

Is the VR550T conversion compatible with all Golf R models?

The VR550T conversion is specifically designed for 2018-2019 Golf Rs equipped with a DSG transmission, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Can I purchase the VR550T engine separately?

HPA Motorsports plans to offer the VR550T engine as a standalone crate engine in the future; however, pricing details have not yet been released.

How does HPA ensure the reliability of the VR550T conversion?

HPA’s comprehensive software integration and adherence to factory engine and gearbox protection protocols guarantee the reliability and durability of the VR550T conversion, providing a hassle-free ownership experience.

By combining cutting-edge technology, expert craftsmanship, and a passion for automotive excellence, HPA Motorsports continues to redefine the boundaries of performance tuning, offering enthusiasts a truly unparalleled driving experience.

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