TRAKKA sets a new standard with their MY25 range

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TRAKKA’s New MY25 Range Enhances Campervan Experience

If you’ve been keeping an eye on TRAKKA, the renowned Sydney-based campervan manufacturer, you’ll be excited to learn about their latest release, the MY25 range. With over 50 years of expertise in crafting top-tier campervans, TRAKKA has now raised the bar with a host of new features and upgrades to make your road-tripping experience even more enjoyable.

Revolutionary EcoFlow Electrical Hub

At the heart of the MY25 range is the groundbreaking EcoFlow electrical hub. This innovative 48V system combines various functionalities like inverters and chargers into a single, user-friendly unit. With inputs supporting 240V power, alternator, and solar power, along with impressive battery options, including 5kWh standard lithium batteries and the possibility to upgrade to 10kWh or even 15kWh, the MY25 ensures extended off-grid adventures and a truly homely feel on the road.

New Standard Features Across All Models

Beyond the advanced electrical system, TRAKKA has introduced standard features across all MY25 models to elevate your travel comfort. Highlights include dual induction cooktops, ducted air-cooling and heating, spacious fridges with options to upgrade, and significant solar power capacity.

New Materials for a Cozy Home Feel

The MY25 range also boasts a refreshed aesthetic with new materials and design elements. From themed interior options like ‘natural country living’ to stylish black and brushed gold hardware, TRAKKA has paid attention to every detail to create a welcoming and modern ambiance inside their campervans.

For more details on the MY25 specifications and to explore TRAKKA’s full range, visit their website.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and innovations from TRAKKA as they continue to redefine the campervan experience.


TRAKKA’s MY25 range represents a leap forward in luxury and functionality for campervan enthusiasts. With cutting-edge features like the EcoFlow electrical hub and a focus on style and comfort, TRAKKA continues to set new standards in the industry.


What makes the MY25 range different from previous TRAKKA models?

The MY25 range introduces innovative features like the EcoFlow electrical hub and upgraded appliances for a more luxurious and efficient camping experience.

Can I customize the interior design of the MY25 campervans?

Yes, TRAKKA offers various themed interior options and customization choices to suit your personal style and preferences.

How long can the MY25 campervans operate off-grid?

With the extended battery capacity and efficient electrical system, MY25 campervans can stay off-grid for longer periods, providing a more sustainable and comfortable travel experience.

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