Toyota Unveils Electric Pickup Concept Similar to Maverick We’ve Anticipated

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After much anticipation, Toyota appears set to deliver a compact pickup option, but with a twist—it will be electric. In addition to unveiling an electric Land Cruiser concept, Toyota surprised many with its introduction of a similarly-sized electric pickup truck concept, comparable in size to the Ford Maverick.

For some time now, both consumers and dealers have vocalized their desire for a Toyota pickup smaller than the Tacoma. The momentum grew even stronger when Ford rolled out the Maverick, a vehicle that has been flying off the shelves and proving to be one of America’s most sought-after trucks. It comes as no surprise that Toyota seeks to tap into this market with its “EPU” (potentially standing for “Electric Pickup”) concept, offering a glimpse of what’s to come in the electric realm.

Similar to the electric Land Cruiser concept, the EPU showcases a monocoque chassis. While details on whether it’s a custom electric chassis or an existing one remain undisclosed, recent speculations point to a pickup based on the Corolla Cross platform, indicating the latter. Initial presentations feature a four-door “Double Cab” model that Toyota claims will span just over five meters, aligning with the Maverick’s dimensions.

Toyota has chosen not to reveal details regarding the powertrain or battery specifications, leaving us in the dark regarding its performance capabilities and range for the time being. However, it’s expected to offer two powertrain choices—single-motor, rear-wheel drive, and dual-motor, all-wheel drive configurations. Similarly, towing and payload capacities have yet to be disclosed, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Toyota targets benchmarks set by the Maverick.

The design of the concept is striking as well. Its distinctive C-pillar, tapered front end, and robust wheel arches offer a sporty and agile appearance, setting it apart from the more rugged Tacoma. Notable features include an extendable tailgate, a steering yoke (hopefully more functional than Tesla’s), and a dual-screen system incorporating physical drive-select controls.

While Toyota has yet to confirm the production of the EPU, it seems almost inevitable at this juncture. Failing to offer a contender against the immensely popular Maverick would be imprudent, and taking the electric route would position Toyota ahead of the curve, forcing Ford to eventually follow suit. Hopefully, the Toyota EPU will transition from concept to reality sooner rather than later.

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