Tips for Discovering the Finest Eero Wi-Fi Mesh Router for Your Needs (2024)

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Utilizing an Eero mesh setup without the Eero Plus subscription confines you to a basic range of choices. You have the option to plan Wi-Fi downtime, configure a guest network, and transform your Eero into a smart home central. These functionalities might suffice for the majority, but let’s explore the benefits of subscribing. Initially, it’s important to highlight that Eero formerly provided a two-tiered subscription. Eero Secure was priced at $3 monthly or $30 annually and encompassed advanced security measures, content screening, ad interception, activity reports, and premium client assistance. Eero Secure+, on the other hand, was listed at $10 monthly or $100 yearly and introduced supplementary third-party utilities such as 1Password (for managing passwords), (a VPN service), and Malwarebytes (an antivirus program), along with DDNS for remote network entry.

Certain internet service providers still present Eero Secure, while for all other users, the sole option is the rebranded Eero Plus, which integrates all the aforementioned features for $10 monthly or $100 annually. Additionally, the subscription now includes Internet Backup, permitting users to add alternative backup networks (like another Wi-Fi network or a hotspot connection) that can be utilized by the system in the event of the primary Wi-Fi network failure.

Eero Plus comes at a relatively higher price point, considering that functionalities such as parental management tools and real-time security are frequently offered at no cost by router manufacturers such as Asus and Linksys. Should the bundled applications be of necessity, investing in Eero Plus may be argued as justified. Nevertheless, even if it’s the sole means to attain the optimal Eero experience, the steep fee may be hard to rationalize. Luckily, in line with the brand’s values, all features are exceptionally user-friendly, with the parental controls standing out as exemplary. Keep an eye out for the frequent promotions and discounts. In case the subscription cost seems exorbitant, it is advisable to explore alternative mesh networking systems for a more cost-effective solution.

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