Tips for Dealing with Different Scenarios from the Driver’s Chair

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Is the idea of purchasing or renting a new Toyota car appealing to you? Has one of the used Toyota vehicles we have near Wilkes-Barre, PA grabbed your attention? No matter if you wish to acquire a brand-new or pre-owned Toyota model, it’s highly likely that you will face some unsettling circumstances on the road occasionally. Given this, it’s prudent to understand how to address those situations before finding yourself in one.

If you’re in close proximity to our Wilkes-Barre, PA Toyota showroom, you’re aware that the weather can shift rapidly. One moment the sky may be clear, and the next, it could be filled with ominous clouds. In case the weather deteriorates while you’re driving and it starts raining, reduce your speed and extend your following distance by at least a few seconds. Switch on your wipers and headlights, ensuring that your headlamps are adjusted correctly.

Besides dealing with rain, you might also come across patches of fog occasionally. If you encounter foggy conditions, follow the aforementioned steps except for one. While you might opt for high beam headlights in the rain, it’s advisable not to do so in fog to prevent the light from bouncing back at you. If your vehicle is equipped with fog lights, it’s preferable to use them in foggy conditions instead of the low beams of your headlights.

Wildlife can also lead to alarming situations. When you spot a sign indicating the presence of deer in the area, slow down and proceed cautiously. Flash your headlights as you enter areas where deer might be present to deter them from crossing the road.

To learn more about managing hazardous situations while driving, get in touch with MotorWorld Toyota without delay.


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