This Unique 1972 Dodge D100, with Nine-Passenger Capacity and Two Doors, is a Rarity Nowadays

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During the 1970s, the market was sparse when it came to vehicles accommodating nine passengers, except for the typical buses. However, a different story unfolded in Mexico, where Dodge introduced a unique D100 model featuring nine seats and just two doors. This exceptional vehicle can now be yours.

Highlighted by Barnfinds, this distinctive automobile was manufactured in Mexico in 1972 primarily for local consumers. The original records indicate that it was initially a standard pickup truck but was then transformed by the factory into a nine-passenger van setup.

The additional seating is provided through two extra benches at the rear without seatbelts installed. Due to its truck origins, this proto-SUV features just two doors for ingress and egress. Although the rear barn doors are functional, they are not ideal for passenger access.

This striking teal vehicle is propelled by the renowned Slant Six engine, producing approximately 145 horsepower when new. Notably, the truck is equipped with a dual-fuel system to operate on propane if gasoline is not your preferred fuel option. However, the current owner has configured it to run on regular gasoline, appealing to a wider audience. It’s certainly not your typical ride.

If you want to add a touch of Dodge’s obscure history to your collection, this D100 is currently available for purchase on Craigslist for your acquisition. Located in New Hampshire, it comes with a “clear Texas title” and extensive documentation detailing its previous life in Mexico. Be prepared to pay $16,500 or be ready to negotiate for a better deal.

It’s worth mentioning that the vehicle is not in pristine condition. Some panels are slightly misaligned, the paint job needs attention, and the wooden bed floor requires replacement at the very least.

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However, if you seek a factory-made Dodge that stands out, this might serve as a perfect refurbishment undertaking. Chances are slim to encounter another one at your nearby “Cars and Coffee,” but venture down south of the border, and a glimpse of one at “Autos y Cafe.” In that place, you can exchange thoughts on the efficiency advantages of channeling propane into an indestructible Slant Six engine.

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