These Remote-Controlled Helicopter Stunts Are Genuine, Believe It or Not

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A helicopter defies the laws of physics, and it’s truly remarkable that they can soar through the air at all. Riding in one is tempting fate; piloting one is like challenging the gods themselves. However, the maneuvers performed by these remote-controlled helicopter pilots are nothing short of extraordinary; only divine forces could explain how their helicopters stay airborne.

I express these bold statements with regard to a video from the Dubai Master RC 2024 Aircraft Competition, a “freestyle” event for RC helicopters. In essence, participants have three minutes to showcase their skills with a remote-controlled chopper, either executing impressive tricks akin to the X Games or performing choreographed routines to music. Naturally, there’s only one suitable song choice: Geddan.

Upon first witnessing this video during a period of AI-generated clutter that saturates the web, my reaction leaned towards doubt. The helicopters maneuver like heading to the market, positioning them firmly within the eerie realm of replication. Upon investigating the identity of the uploader, Tareq Alsaadi, I stumbled upon additional content portraying not just the authenticity of these stunts but also shedding light on one of the techniques pilots employ to control their aircraft. A specific clip showcasing Alsaadi’s solo performance illustrates a preflight procedure involving blade pitch adjustments—ah, that’s the method used to swiftly alter thrust direction.

However, the complexity of the remainder escapes my comprehension, as my confidence in operating a helicopter was based on my proficiency with the Little Bird in “Battlefield 3.” Nonetheless, I am now aware of individuals who effortlessly navigate the real skies, resembling players in “Arma” experiencing a 900 ping delay. Some feats are best appreciated from afar rather than attempting them firsthand.

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