The Upcoming Generation of the Acura NSX Will Adopt Electric Power in the Coming Years, Sources Indicate

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Reports suggest that Honda is set on significantly expanding its range of electric vehicles, aiming to have a total of 30 fully electric models by the year 2030. As outlined in a recent article by Autocar, a prime focus of this electrification strategy will involve the introduction of a top-tier electric sports car expected to be a battery-powered version of the Honda NSX.

Within the upcoming decade, Honda is planning to unveil a pair of electric sports cars, albeit keeping their specific details largely under wraps. Nevertheless, it has been disclosed that one of these vehicles will carry the prestigious title of a “flagship” model.

During a recent statement, Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe expressed the brand’s commitment to delivering an element of enjoyment to customers amidst its journey towards carbon neutrality and electrification. The introduction of two sports models, comprising a specialty offering and a flagship model, is set to encapsulate Honda’s universally recognized sporting ethos and unique attributes.

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Accompanying this revelation is a pictorial representation, showcasing the outlines of forthcoming EV models scheduled to debut by 2030. One of these silhouettes distinctly resembles the Honda NSX and falls within the category of the brand’s “High value-added EVs.”

Acura’s Vice President and Brand Officer Jon Ikeda, in an interview with The Drive during Monterey Car Week, alluded to a potential electric iteration of the NSX, stating, “If you notice, we make an NSX when there’s something we want to say. The first-gen was gas. Second-gen was a hybrid. There’s gonna be another one.”

In collaboration with General Motors, Honda is actively engaged in the development of two new electric crossovers planned for the North American market. One of these models, named the Honda Prologue, is confirmed, while the other, expected to carry the Acura badge, remains unnamed. Given Honda’s existing partnership with GM for sourcing Ultium batteries for electrified vehicles, this joint effort doesn’t come as a surprise.

The transition towards an electric variant of the NSX aligns with current industry trends favoring EV technology. While specific details regarding the powertrain and specifications of this prospective model remain undisclosed, it is logical to anticipate a substantial enhancement from the existing NSX variant, which currently delivers 600 horsepower.

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