The Upcoming Cadillac XT5 Will Be Specifically Crafted for the Chinese Market

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The Cadillac XT5, a sleek luxury SUV, is scheduled for a revamp in the coming years. Due to market trends, GM China will take the lead in designing the new variant, with plans to discontinue the XT5 in the US after the 2024 model year.

According to a GM Authority report, this decision stems from the XT5’s failure to resonate with American buyers. While the model has seen sufficient sales to continue until the end of the 2024 model year, Cadillac believes the US market no longer accommodates this model. For reference, the luxury automaker sold 28,380 units in the US in 2021 but achieved sales of 52,977 units in China during the same period.

It makes logical sense for GM to concentrate on tailoring the design of the new XT5 to the region where it performs most successfully. With the upcoming generation not destined for the US market, GM China will take charge of the crossover’s development and design, catering primarily to the preferences of Chinese consumers.

Importantly, Cadillac doesn’t intend to follow this route with all its models. The compact XT4 and larger XT6 are designed as global models meant for various markets worldwide. In the US, the Cadillac Lyriq is perceived as a potential successor to the role traditionally assumed by the XT5.

Precise details about the new XT5 remain scarce, although GM Authority has published spy shots of a prototype spotted in the wild. The glimpses indicate new lighting concepts, such as vertically-aligned headlights at the front. Despite the apparent evolutionary styling from the current model, extensive camouflage hinders definitive conclusions at this stage.

In terms of dimensions, the XT5 seems to remain firmly within the realm of compact luxury crossovers. It will be based on the C1-2 platform, an advancement of the C1 platform underpinning the current XT5 as well as the Chevrolet Blazer and Buick Enclave.

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Two decades back, the Chinese auto industry barely attracted global attention. Presently, it stands as the world’s largest auto market, wielding significant influence in shaping automotive designs. Witnessing the top American luxury automaker tailoring its vehicles to align with Chinese preferences reflects the changing automotive landscape.

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