The Polestar Precept Research and Development Vehicle Still Retains the Sleek Design of the Original Concept

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When transitioning from a concept car to a production model, designers often face challenges as they balance their creativity with the practical constraints of aerodynamics, safety regulations, and budget limitations. A prime example illustrating this process is the evolution of the Toyota FT-1 into the GR Supra. However, an exception to this norm seems to be Polestar’s Precept EV, as revealed by a recent development image showcasing its design staying true to the original concept.

The release of this image coincided with the announcement of Polestar’s expansion plans for its U.K. Research and Development team, aiming to expedite the Precept’s journey to production. The photo depicts an updated version of the Precept featuring conventional side mirrors instead of slim camera pods and a newly added B-pillar, a departure from the initial design which lacked this structural element. Additionally, the wheel designs have been refreshed, and the rear door handles have been repositioned, indicating a move away from the concept’s suicide doors.

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Polestar Precept concept, Polestar

Despite these modifications, key elements from the original concept have been retained, such as the sloping roofline that extends towards the rear with a similar overhang to support the initial taillight design. The sharply defined rear fenders seamlessly transition into the rear doors, preserving the concept’s distinctive lower pinch at the bottom.

As the front bodywork remains undisclosed, any alterations over the past 18 months are uncertain at this stage. It is also unclear whether the panoramic sunroof has been retained due to factors like the camera angle and window glare. Given the presence of a similar feature in the 2022 Polestar 2, it is likely to also appear in the Precept.

As Polestar has committed to launching the Precept “before 2025,” design elements are subject to potential revisions. Company representatives have clarified that this model is still in its development phase for production and that further adjustments are expected as the project advances. With initial significant changes implemented by the engineers, future tweaks are anticipated to be minor. It’s an exciting journey to witness the progress of the Polestar Precept.

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