The Maserati Grecale – Next in Line for the Trident Brand’s SUV Collection

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During the grand reveal of the cutting-edge mid-engined MC20 supercar, Maserati disclosed details about a forthcoming vehicle that, in essence, appears to be more grounded. The distinguished Italian automobile manufacturer is set to introduce its second SUV named the Grecale. Following the tradition of naming models after notable winds like “Ghibli” and “Levante,” the upcoming crossover draws its identity from the renowned Mediterranean northeastern gust known as “Gregale.”

As per this guide, the correct pronunciation is “greh-cah-lei,” avoiding the misinterpretations of “greh-kale” or “gree-kale.” Alongside confirming the name, Maserati has teased a shadowy image of the Grecale’s profile, revealing a distinctive blend of sportiness and luxury typical of an SUV.

The debut of the Maserati Grecale, anticipated in spring 2021, will see it sharing a platform with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and manufactured in the Cassino plant in Italy. Speculations also suggest an all-electric variant slated for a 2022 release.

Initial assumptions pointed towards the Grecale being smaller than the Levante, envisioned as a rival to the Porsche Macan rather than the Cayenne, reflecting a tiered approach. Nevertheless, Maserati has hinted at a potential repositioning in the lineup, emphasizing dynamics and practicality as key elements.

While uncertainties persist, signs still point to the Grecale being marginally smaller than the Levante, with speculations suggesting a reserved stance by Maserati’s PR team. It seems peculiar for the company to launch two identically sized SUVs with contrasting emphases without providing clarity.

We have contacted Maserati for further insight and will provide updates to this narrative once we receive a response.

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