The Greatest Children’s Headphones of 2024—With Functions to Safeguard Your Kids Ears

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Being writers and reviewers for WIRED, our entire day is filled with personal technology of various kinds. It’s no wonder that just like us, working on a computer during the day and enjoying gaming in our spare time, our children also engage in such activities. Adrienne So, a reviewer, has a 7-year-old and a 9-year-old who attend school remotely and engage in video games. Simon Hill, another reviewer, has an 11- and a 14-year-old. Together, they—or rather, their children—have tested nearly all the children’s headphones available in the market, including all the recommendations mentioned here.

Highlighted here are our top selections, in addition to some suggestions—such as the reasons to opt for children-specific headphones. Don’t miss out on exploring our other parental recommendations, like the Finest Child Tablets and the Greatest Child Podcasts. Looking for headphones for yourself? Take a look at our compilation of the Finest Headphones.

Updated as of June 2024: The latest additions include headphones from Skullcandy, Puro Sound Labs, Razer, and iClever, updates to our prior recommendations, the discontinuation of certain models, and an added section on headphone stands.

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