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The Meta Quest 3 (Rated 8/10, Highly Recommended by WIRED) is a significant enhancement compared to its previous version in nearly every aspect—except for the cost. It boasts improved specifications in all areas—slightly higher display resolution, a faster CPU, increased RAM, and a choice of up to 512 GB of internal storage—but the most notable upgrade is the mixed reality feature. Its predecessor, the Quest 2, had external cameras for spatial orientation and a pass-through function for viewing your surroundings to prevent collisions. However, the Quest 3 takes this a few steps ahead, placing augmented reality at the core of the experience.

Initially, the pass-through cameras now deliver color images instead of monochrome. They also feature slightly higher resolution, making it easier to discern details. While it may still resemble viewing a 2000s-era YouTube video of your own space, it is vastly superior to being completely unaware of your environment.

This technology facilitates the creation of innovative new games and experiences. One notable example is PianoVision, which aims to aid piano learning by overlaying instructional content and piano scrolls onto footage of your physical keyboard. It transforms music practice into an experience akin to Guitar Hero, an outcome unattainable through VR alone.

The drawback: The price of the Meta Quest 3 surpasses that of the Quest 2 even following the latter’s price adjustment. Starting at $500, it aligns with the cost of entire gaming consoles, making it more of a deliberate purchase rather than an impulse buy. Nevertheless, for the premier independent VR headset with an extensive selection of games and applications that cater to both VR and mixed reality, the Quest 3 surpasses its competition.

It is prudent to note that Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is the company behind it all. This may be off-putting to some, considering Facebook’s questionable track record in user data management (as well as its utilization of said data). Despite this, if you are in search of a VR headset, the Meta Quest 3 remains our top recommendation. Simply exercise caution when making purchases from the Meta Store and opt for a more reliable platform, such as Steam (compatible with the Quest 2 as well).

Features support for room-scale VR, mixed reality pass-through, can function with or without a PC, and includes two controllers.

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