The Fiat 124 Spider is Bound to Excite You, as Per Fiat Advertisement

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The message is crystal clear: The latest Fiat 124 Spider advertisement boldly claims that driving this vehicle is an exhilarating experience. It suggests that even elderly men struggling with performance issues may find renewed vigor to please their equally mature but passionate partners.

Exciting, isn’t it?

This fresh advertisement by Fiat, unveiled on the web on May 12, mirrors the approach of the automaker’s 2014 promotion showcasing a transformation from a 500 to a 500X fueled by a distinctive (yet different enough to avoid legal issues!) blue pill entering its fuel tank. Much like its predecessor, the new 124 Spider ad incorporates similar elements including the same amorous couple and their questionable choice of attire.

While the earlier ad toyed with subtlety, this new one discards any hidden messages much like an elder discarding his Viagra after achieving a satisfactory erection. This scene is an actual part of the new ad.

Fiat has also introduced another ad for the 124 Spider. This one features a trendy soundtrack by Wyclef Jean, showcasing stylish young professionals and breathtaking aerial shots captured from a white-tailed eagle trailing the roadster along country roads. Though impressive, this ad is unlikely to go viral or provoke any backlash, hence, we won’t dedicate a separate post to it.

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